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Blendjet Blender Not Working? 6 Main Reasons and 5 Easy Solutions!

Blendjet Not Working
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You may want to consider blending your protein shake at night.

As soon as you load up healthy items into the blender, press the start button, and you are at stake.

Oh! Your Blendjet blender is not working.

You have no idea what’s wrong.

You look at your wireless appliance, wondering what to do?

Keeping your Blendjet portable blender charged and avoiding overload will solve the problem in most cases.

However, there may be other issues causing your Blendjet Blender not to work.

It could occur because of the absence of Tightness in the Base, Burned fuse or burned motor, dirty Power Terminals.

The jammed blade may be the reason for your Blendjet won’t turn on.

We understand that this is frustrating.

This is why we will share the causes and instant fixes techniques in detail for your Blendjet portable blender.

Causes For Blendjet Blender Not Working

Lack of Charge

Sometimes you forget to charge your appliance, which does not charge enough to function.

Perhaps you thought you had charged it enough, but it doesn’t work.

However, there is a possibility of inactivity of the USB cable that prevents the Blendjet from working.

A blend jet takes 1.5 hours for a complete charge and blends 15+ times with that charge. Normally, this is what causes portable Blendjets not to work.

Absence of Tightness in Base

When you stack with your portable blender, inspect the base.

It may be the base isn’t screwed properly, so it causes a disturbance.

If the seals of the Blendjet are not tightened well, it won’t function.

A self-tightening base is very helpful to maintain the balance of the materials in the blend.

On the other hand, a damaged base will hurt you by failing to work properly.

Burned out fuse

Most of the Blendjet has an internal fuse.

If your blender fuse has burned out, this might disturb work.

Typically, a fuse is found inside the base located at the bottom.

Unlock the base and find out the fuse; make sure a burned fuse is the cause that hinders you from making your healthy item.

Dirty Power Terminals

A clean power terminal is essential for the safe use of the Blendjet blender.

Power terminal with stinging substances or any drainage is harmful and causes damage to the blender.

Always inspect the terminals before using them to avoid any unexpected situation.

The Motor Has Burned Out

The most inferior thing that could occur when the blender motor burns out.

The motor is the heart of the blender to continue functioning.

When you observe the blender discharges burnt or electrical smell, it’s a sign of a burning motor.

The disturbance of blades, couplers, seals, brushes and the motor causes burning issues.

A lot of Ice blending with dull blades often causes these problems.

Jammed Blades

We frequently use our portable blender but are too lazy to clean it.

In the absence of proper blending cleaning, blades can cause Blendjet not to work.

You use your blender and avoid cleaning that creates gunk in the blades.

The blender can handle a measured amount of things.

Overloads with materials can cause you to stop working when you have absolute need.

The jammed blades may lead to overwork of your motor.

This can result in the motor burning out.

 Fixes For Blendjet Blender Not Working

Proper Charging

A proper way to charge your wireless blender can avoid unanticipated incidents.

Charge the blender with the provided USB-C cable for one and half hours.

Make sure you are using a high-quality cable to charge your blend jet.

You can also charge using your phone charger from a laptop or USB port in your car. Make sure you plug the USB cable in before charging (do not plug it partially in).

Always try to observe the charge indicator to find whether it requires a charge or not.

A full charge for 3 hours is needed if you use it for the first time. You can also check the user manual to learn more about the charging instruction of your Blendjet Blender.

Fixing The Fuse

Inspect the motor switch and circuit board to check whether the fuse is blown.

A multimeter can help you find out the fuse problem in your blender.

When you find the circuit is open, it is clear that the fuse has blown.

The Blender fuse is easy to replace and not very expensive.

Therefore, if you are sure about the fuse issue, replace it.

You must open up the base and replace the fuse with a new one.

Always use an equivalent rating fuse at the time of replacing.

This will help you to fix your blender instantly.

Repair Damaged Base

When you find the blender base is damaged, your blender doesn’t work anymore.

This is also called collar or container base.

So check the provided manual when the base on your specific blender requires proper seals to turn on the micro or magnetic safety switch.

You need to replace the base to operate the safety switch smoothly.

Typically, you need to contact the manufacturer to replace a damaged base.

Replace the Burned Motor

You can replace the burned motor with the help of a manual book, but it isn’t easy.

Take your blender and roll over the base, along with removing the cover.

If you need to replace the motor, disassemble your Blendjet Blender.

After that, you have to unscrew the motor and set up a new one.

You must follow the manual guide step by step when setting up the new motor.

It is not an easy job, so call a technician for assistance.

It ensures the proper setting and also helps to increase the lasting time.

Cleaning Jammed Blade

An obstructed blade is a common reason why your blender doesn’t work.

Pour warm water into the blender, and keep it for 1 hour.

After that, place the jar back into the motor base.

Now start your blender and let it run for 30 seconds.

For a complete cleaning, remove the jar and rinse it.

Every blender has a maximum load capacity.

To ensure smooth operation, do not overfill the capacity of your blender.

Related Questions

Why is my BlendJet 2 blinking red and purple?

Blinking lights on your Blendjet gives some sort of indication to you.

When the light around the power button forms a complete blue circle, it means your BlendJet is fully charged.

The circle turns purple instead of blue while blending or pulsing whenever the battery inside the blender is getting low.

If the circle is flashing red and purple, it means the battery is dead.

You need to recharge it right away.

Why is my BlendJet 1 flashing red and blue?

Red and blue flashing lights on your Blendjet mean your jar isn’t aligned with your base.

To fix this, simply you need to screw your jar clockwise into the base.

The arrow on the blender jar should line up with the light on the base.

As a safety reason, there is a small magnet on the jar and base, that should be aligned, or else the blades won’t spin.

Only Red flashing lights mean your BlendJet 1 needs to be recharged or that your blades are blocked.

How many ounces does Blendjet hold?

As you know the Blendjet is a portable blender. Blendjet 2 is 33% bigger than blendjet one.

The BlendJet 2 holds 16 oz (475 mL) and BlendJet One holds 12 oz (355 mL).

Can you put frozen fruit in BlendJet?

Yes, you can put frozen fruit in blendjet.

Actually, BlendJet 2 is the perfect blender for making smoothies on the go, making baby food at the table, sauces, salad dressings, and more.

It can blend frozen ingredients, including ice cubes and frozen cherries, and strawberries.

As long as what you’re making is primarily liquid, the BlendJet 2 can handle efficiently frozen fruit and ice.

If you add just water and a 1/2 cup of ice, it crushed the ice into a perfect slushie, which is a great thing if you want to make frozen cocktails and slushie drinks.

But make sure your cubes aren’t too large.

If they get stuck, add liquid, shake your BlendJet a bit, or turn it upside down.

Final Words

There are various reasons why your Blendjet blender may not be working.

And we have discussed some common fixes and causes.

If your blender doesn’t work, we hope this article will help you diagnose and fix the problem.





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