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Can You Put a Mini Fridge on Wood Floor?

can you put mini fridge on wood floor
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Mini fridges have become increasingly popular lately for several reasons.

They are a chic and compact alternative to conventional full-size refrigerators, and boast a space saving and energy efficient design, making them a great addition to literally any room in your apartment or home.

But just like their full-size counterparts, mini fridges can also be heavy appliances, with some weighing upwards of 45 lbs.

The heavy weight isn’t a reason for concern if you aren’t going to move the fridge around often, but is if you’re going to set it on a wood floor.

Is it Safe to Have Mini Fridge on Wood Floor?

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Even though mini fridges weigh less than big size refrigerators, they can tip over, and cause injury to children and pets.

Further, wood floors aren’t naturally slippery, but can be when wet.

And given that mini fridges have a propensity for building up frost, especially older models, they are prone to condensation buildup, hence can leak a lot of water on wood floors.

When this happens, it can cause slippage, and become a major safety hazard.

Leakages can also be caused with manual defrost mini fridges, if you don’t remove the excess frost and ice from the cavity at regular intervals.

To prevent manual defrosting often, you should buy a mini fridge such as the Midea compact refrigerator, because it is slow to build up frost.

Plus, it boasts a compact and sleek footprint, can be ordered in a choice of three different color, and features a door that can opened to the left or right.

The Midea compact refrigerator is also Energy Star rated, so it will save you a fair amount of cash in energy bills, and best of all, you will only have to defrost it every couple of months.

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Problems with Mini Fridge on Wood Floor

Apart from the safety issues mentioned above, there are myriad other problems with placing a mini fridge on wood floor.

Wood floors are regarded as prized elements in any home or apartment, owing to their warmth, beauty and durability.

But on the downside, wood floors are also easy to scratch, which can leave you with permanent damage.

And given that mini refrigerators can be heavy, they can easily mark or dent your wood floor, whether you’re moving them or standing still.

Additionally, just like any other appliance, mini fridges are at some risk of fire.

And since wood is more flammable than tiles, placing a mini fridge on a wooden floor can greatly increase the chances of a fire ravaging your home i.e. if placed incorrectly.

Adding to this, most if not all, mini fridges have their coils located on the rear, whereas some models may have them at the bottom.

These coils tend to warm up, and can get quite hot when the fridge is used for extended periods, which can cause damage to your wood floor or in worse cases cause a fire.

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How do I Prevent My Mini Fridge from Damaging the Wood Floor?

There are several great ways to prevent your mini fridge from damaging your wooden floor.

To provide it with the right amount of stability to prevent it from tipping over, you can place a sturdy base such as the YUESUO mobile base.

Apart from your mini fridge, this base can be used for other appliances as well including washing machines, and can be adjusted between 10.5 cms and 13 cms height, so the coils of the mini fridge won’t touch the floor.

Certain mini fridge models can also make pulsating noises, and the YUESUO mobile base can help reduce the noise, thanks to its integrated four vibration-proof pads.

To prevent markings on the wooden floor, you can either use the YUESUO mobile base on a waterproof decorative rug, but this may not always fit in well with your overall décor.

With regards to leaks, most of the best mini fridges do come with an attached drip tray, but you can buy the WirthCo 40092 Funnel King Drip Tray.

This drip tray is available in an array of sizes, and is made from chemical resistant plastic, so it won’t affect your wooden floor, and is also heat resistant up to 180-degrees F.

How Do You Install Mini Fridge on Wood Floor?

A mini fridge is distinct for its compact footprints, but it is highly important to determine the size of the area where it will be placed to ensure it fits well.

This is an important factor to pay attention too for two reasons — some doors of mini fridges open both to the left and right, so you ideally want a full door swing,

Next, you also want to place the mini fridge in the right location from the get go, because moving it around even a couple times may cause scratches on your wooden floors.

You’ll also want to ensure that there’s an electrical cord nearby, so that you can connect the mini fridge without using an extension cord.

If you’re going to place the mini fridge on a carpet or rug, lay the rug in the area, and then place your fridge over it.

But if you’re going to set it on a base, you may need a pair of extra hands — one to lift the fridge, while you set the fridge on the base.

Refer to your owner’s manual on powering on the fridge, and defrosting the fridge, as doing this task improperly may cause leakage on your wooden floor.

Lastly, connect the power cord, and contact the manufacturer if any issues arise during use.


Buying a mini fridge is a great investment, but there are a few precautionary measures you should take to ensure it doesn’t cause damage to your wood floor.

You can always place your mini fridge on a carpeted area, but this is a terrible idea, as it can not only damage the carpet, but also damage the refrigerator.

Putting your fridge on wooden floor is highly recommended, but be sure to take the necessary precautions mentioned on this list to prevent damage to your wooden floor, and to ensure smooth operation.



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