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How to Rehydrate Ube Powder? Everything You Need To Know About!

How to Rehydrate Ube Powder
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Ube powder originated in the Philippines and has gotten increasingly popular in recent times across many countries.

The color, taste, texture, and nutritional value of the purple yam has made its powder available in almost every big store.

The fresh purple color it gives to the food is the most popular reason to use this in a variety of dishes.

However, how to rehydrate Ube powder is the question that many people struggle with.

In this article, you will get to know everything you need to know about this fantastic addition to the food market, and you will also find out ways on how to rehydrate Ube powder.

What is Ube Powder?

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Ube Powder is made from purple-colored yams in the Philippines.

The vegetable is dried, and the starch is extracted that is then ground into powder form to be utilized in different baked products and sweet dishes for enhanced sweetness and coloring.

These may include ice creams, jams, macaroons, brownies, and much more.

As it is organic, it is becoming trendy in many countries like the United States and is used as a natural sweetener and a food-grade coloring product.

The Ube root is mellow in taste and was first utilized in the local Filipino cuisine to add depth to the texture, flavor, and color of the food.

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Ube Powder Benefits

Not only Ube adds sweetness and color to the food, but it also has a lot of nutritional benefits.

  • Firstly, the complex carbs or fiber is good for digestive health.
  • Moreover, the vitamins and minerals in the yam, not to forget the carotenoids, are highly nutritious for the body.
  • The antioxidants found in the purple yam decrease the inflammatory rate of your body and prevent you from many types of chronic diseases that include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

So, while you have your favorite dessert with an Ube added, you don’t have to feel guilty as the product is no more an empty calorie food anymore.

How to Use Ube Powder?

Ube powder is an extracted sweetening starch and can be used in many recipes.

You would need to form a paste of the powder with a given proportion of water (discussed further below), and then add it into the food during the preparation process.

Suppose you want to make ice cream with Ube flavor.

For this, you will need to rehydrate your Ube powder with water, make a paste, and then add it into the ice cream mixture before putting it to freeze.

You can add this mix in different food preparations according to your taste or as the recipe.

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Ube Powder vs. Ube Extract

Many people confuse Ube powder with the Ube extract, but these are not the same things.

You can use either of the two.

However, Ube powder has better nutritional values as with the powder, you get to have those complex carbs.

The Ube extract, on the other hand, is like a vanilla extract and does contain some nutritional components, but lesser than the Ube powder.

If you are looking to add some texture and richness in the food you are preparing; it is better to add the powder.

If you are looking for only flavor and the color, the Ube extract will do just fine.

Why Use Ube Powder Instead of Ube Jam?

Ube jam is also available in the markets and is trending a lot.

However, it involves cooking the yam with some sugar added in it.

This makes the end product a bit too sweet and reduces its naturalness. That is why it is better to use an Ube powder instead of a jam.

Moreover, cooking experts are of the general opinion that working with Ube powder provides more flexibility in comparison to the jam, where the sugar can go uncontrolled.

So, instead of the store-bought jam, it is better to sprinkle some Ube powder or make a paste and then add it to the food.

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How to Rehydrate Ube Powder?

As discussed above, Ube powder is basically a dehydrated yam grounded into a powder form to be added in foods while preparing them.

Some recipes require yam in the hydrated or rehydrated form, that is to say, in a paste form.

At the same time, you can directly cut open the container of the Ube powder and sprinkle it directly over the food according to your choice or the directions for the recipe.

You can rehydrate Ube powder by following easy steps:

1. To rehydrate the Ube powder, you will need some water.

2.To make a yield of 1/3 cup of an Ube paste or rehydrated Ube, you will need to take a saucepan and add ½ cup of water in it.

3.Put the pan on the stove and then add three teaspoons of the purple Ube powder in the pot.

4.Remember to keep stirring while adding the powder to avoid the formation of clumps.

Gently stir the mixture and wait for the water to get at the boiling point.

5.Remove the saucepan from the flame and turn off the heat as soon as you see a paste-like consistency of the mixture.

This will indicate that the Ube paste is ready.

6.Let it cool and add it to the preparations according to the recipe.

How to Know the Ube Powder is Ready After Rehydration?

When you are mixing the powder with the water, on dipping your finger, you will be able to feel some grittiness.

As soon as the mixture is converted into a paste-like consistency, you will see that the powder is bound with the water making the mixture smooth.

A completely ready rehydrated Ube paste should not be too gritty and has to feel like a smooth paste between your fingers.

On tasting the paste that is not cooled yet, you will feel that it is just like a boiled, fresh yam.

What is Rehydrated Ube Powder Used For?

Uses of rehydrated Ube powder

Ube powder takes your dessert to the next level!

Rehydrated Ube powder is used for a variety of foods, such as ice cream, as we discussed above.

It can also be added to cookie doughs, pastry mixtures, cake batters, and in the eggwhite froth for macaroons.

In Filipino cuisine, rehydrated Ube powder is used to make a variety of sweet dishes and cheeses.

On some occasions, people also like to use it in savory food in a limited quantity because of its nutty richness.

Some people also want to consume it raw and add it as toppings to their cupcakes, cakes, and cookies.

This adds to the color and the flavor with its mildly sweet touch.

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How to Dehydrate Ube Powder?

To use Ube in different recipes, many people like to dehydrate the purple yams for storage purposes.

To dehydrate the yams, you will need to thoroughly rinse them under cold, running water and then let them dry.

After that, cut the yams into slices as thin as possible and put them on an aluminum tray.

Allow them to sun-dry. Once you notice that they have gone sufficiently dried out, grind the slices into a thin powder form.

That way, you will have your Ube dehydrated.

Does Ube Powder Expire?

The Ube powder has a long shelf life of one year if stored under normal storage conditions (away from direct sunlight, cold, and moisture).

Furthermore, if a polyethylene and a secondary packaging material like corrugated paper are used in the Ube packaging, the product is less likely to expire even after a year of its manufacture.

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Recipe Video: How To make Cake Using Ube Powder?

Wrapping Up

Now you know, how to rehydrate Ube powder and other essentials about its usage.

So, you can try Ube powder for making your next delicious dessert or cake hassle-free.

And I know, your recipe will turn perfect!




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