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Can You Reboil Eggs? All you need to know about reboiling eggs!

can you reboil eggs
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Do you like to eat your boiled-eggs warm?

Do you often find yourself with an underdone egg after boiling it the first time?

Then you might be interested to know if you can reboil eggs if they’re not cooked enough.

Besides knowing how to do so safely, you should also understand if reboiling or warming a hard-boiled egg is safe enough to be eaten.

So keeping all that in mind, can you reboil eggs?

We will answer all your questions comprehensively in this guide about reboiling eggs whether they were not done, soft-boiled or left to go cold.

Is It Safe to Reboil Boiled Eggs?

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Yes, it is safe to reboil already boiled eggs if they were not fully cooked the first time.

However, reheating an egg in microwave no matter it’s boiled or not can send scorching warm egg whites and yellows flying across your room or kitchen.

Yes, an egg can potentially explode if heated inside a microwave.

This is because the boiled egg still has moisture trapped inside it whose pressure can increase inside the shell when microwaved.

Therefore, to keep yourself safe and enjoy an egg intact, it is ideal for you to warm or boil it using alternate methods.

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Why Reboil eggs?

why reboil eggs

The number one reason why you might need to reboil eggs is that they might turn up quite soft the first time you give them a boil.

Some people are just not used to having their egg whites or yolks runny so they need to boil them again instead of just wasting them away.

Apart from that, a boiled egg has more digestible proteins than one that is under-cooked.

A large hard-boiled egg contains 78 calories and lots of important protein-rich nutrients.

Research has also revealed that you’re at greater risk of contracting salmonella if you consume eggs raw or under-cooked.

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How to Reboil Eggs?

You can boil or warm an already boiled egg again by using a bowl and a cup of boiling hot water.

Using bowls of medium or large size and placing the eggs inside them can prove to be one of the best ways to reboil an egg or a few of them.

After doing this, you will have to heat some water, using a kettle or coffee maker, and pour the boiling hot water over the eggs inside the bowl.

When the eggs are completely submerged in the boiling water, place a lid over the bowl and wait for its temperature to cool down a little.

After some time has passed, remove the lid and check the eggs.

If the yolk is too runny for your taste, let the eggs stay in the water for a couple of minutes.

If your goal is to get the boiled egg warm again, let it sit in the hot water for one minute.

Then pick up the eggs from the hot water using a spoon and to dry off the moisture, place them on a tissue or a paper towel.

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What Happens When You Reboil Eggs?

Two things happen mainly when you reboil eggs.

The first thing is that the boiled eggs get harder than before and are cooked better.

The second thing is that the shell becomes softer.

After reboiling them, you can either consume the eggs or store them in a refrigerator.

They will keep well in a fridge for up to one week before going bad.

To use them again, do the water test and check if they are still good by putting them inside bowls filled with room-temperature water.

If they start floating, they have gone bad otherwise they’re still fresh to eat.


Can You Reboil Eggs, If They Are Under-cooked?

Yes, it is possible to reboil the eggs if they come out under-cooked the first time.

If you try to hard boil an egg, take it out, peel the shell off and find out that the egg is not fully cooked, then you can safely put it right back in the boiling water.

If it so happens that you completely peel off the boiled egg and separate the whites but find the yolk to be underdone and runny, then one way to cook it is to put the yolk in an oven-friendly bowl and microwave it until it turns darker.

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Can You Reboil Peeled Eggs?

If you love having hard-boiled eggs in the morning every day, it might be quite common for you to peel them and find them underdone.

Either due to your carelessness or due to hastiness, you might end up with hard-boiled eggs, which have yolks that are runny or under-cooked.

While it is very problematic to put an egg with an intact shell inside a microwave, it may turn out to be a good idea if the shell is peeled off after initial boiling.

This is because the shell is no longer there for creating vapor pressure inside. Alternatively, boiling in a pan or bowl can be helpful for peeled eggs too.

Can You Reboil Dyed Eggs?

can you reboil dyed eggs

Yes, it is possible to reboil dyed eggs technically but that completely depends on the kind of dye and color you use.

If the colors are resistant to water at boiling temperature, then you obviously can boil them again.

But if they’re not, the coloring and decoration will probably come off during a reboil.

Reboiling a dyed egg may also make the shell weaker and porous, which can result in dyes contaminating the egg’s contents so eating such an egg is most probably a bad idea.

Even if the decorated eggs were dyed using all-natural colorants, it’s safest to avoid consuming them.

Can You Reboil Hard Boiled Eggs?

It is possible to reboil hard-boiled eggs.

All you have to do is place your hard-boiled eggs inside a pan or a heat-proof bowl, then add hot water at boiling temperature inside the pan.

Keep pouring water until the eggs are completely submerged.

After waiting for 10 minutes, take the eggs out on a plate, peel them and have a great breakfast.

One thing you must never do is reheat hard-boiled eggs inside a microwave because they can explode.

This happens due to the increase in water vapor pressure of the egg’s interior when you microwave it.

Can You Reboil Soft Boiled Eggs?

Soft-boiled eggs can definitely be boiled again and turned into hard-boiled eggs.

If you often find yourselves with a half-cooked or soft egg in the morning, you can always toss them back in the boiling water for a few more minutes so that they can become hard-boiled again.

After you’re done boiling them again for about 15 minutes or so on low heat, you can take them out.

To make sure the eggs peel well, run them under cold water.

If you have already peeled your soft-boiled egg, then you will have to proceed with caution as the contents of an under-cooked egg can dissolve quite easily in warm water.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is perfectly fine to reboil eggs again after boiling them for the first time.

The result depends on how you do it. If you do it using a microwave, you will probably end up with a little bit of a scare.

However, if you utilize boiling water and submerge the boiled eggs inside, it will turn out quite safe.


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