Magic Bullet Blender Smells Like Burning? (8 Reasons and 9 Solutions)

Magic Bullet Blender smells like burning
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When you are going to make a smoothie in your Magic Bullet blender you expect a good aroma lingering in your kitchen.

When you throw some fruits in your blender, you expect that pleasant fruity smell. Just like when you blend green juice, the invigorating smell of veggies.


But what if your Magic Bullet emits smells like burning or electrical while blending?

This can be an alarming sign that tells you there is something wrong.

So, here we will help you to identify why this could happen and cover most of the causes and solutions of this.

So that you can enjoy your drink without burning smell and keep it healthy.

If your Magic bullet blender smells like burning, then there are various reasons for occurring this issue such as blender overloaded with ingredients, motor overheating,  running the blender for a too long period.

This also happens due to faulty bearings in the blade, cracked gasket, dull blade, worn gear.

If your blender is brand new it emits a burning smell due to burning of additional lubrication applied during manufacturing.

There are myriad reasons for occurring this issue. But the good news is there are several solutions too.

Let’s dive into it.


Why is My Magic Bullet Smells Like Burning?

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Brand new blender?

You have recently bought a new Magic Bullet blender.

Now you are going to make a delicious smoothie.

So, you filled the cup with fruits and turn on your blender.

But after some seconds you notice a burning smell from your brand-new blender.

So, you turn off the blender instantly.

Have you experienced the same thing?

If something like this happened to you, you don’t need to replace your blender. This type of smell is just for short time.

This happens because of the blender motor. The blender motor emits the smell for short time after first use.

This occurs when the blender is being produced, lubricants are added to the motors and other moving parts.

This helps to keep everything moving smoothly.

When you turn on the blender for the first time and the motor reaches a particular temperature.

It starts to burn the additional lubricant which is added during the manufacturing process.

This emits a burning smell that lasts only last for a short time.

If the burning smell persists after several uses, it means there is something wrong with the blender and you need to replace it.

Overloaded with dense ingredients

If you put too much frozen ingredients in your Magic bullet, it leads to the motor to overwork for blending it smoothly.

If the blender is overloaded with dense ingredients it may struggle to blend it nicely.

Faulty Bearing in the blade

If you are experiencing the burning smell from your Magic Bullet blender, then in some cases, a bearing is the culprit.

Sometimes bearing in the blade burns out, it causes the burning smell coming from your blender.

The blade assembly consists of a bearing along with the blade.

The bearings in the blade assembly may get seized due to liquid and food seeping through.

The bearing gets rusted due to prolonged exposure to liquid. In some cases, it gets burned out.

This will cause the motor to work harder and overheat. So, it can emit a burning smell.

Motor overheating

The motor is the key component of your blender. It enables the device to work properly.

Because of the motor, blades spin fast and blend all the ingredients in the cup.

The most common reason for the burning smell coming from the blender is motor overheating.

Any issues with your blender will lead to declining performance which results in stress on the motor. So, the motor overheated and fail eventually.

It is also possible that liquid seeped through the seals and get into the motor.

The motor also overheats due to failed blade assembly.

Running machine too long

Your Magic Bullet blender may emit a burning smell due to running your blender for a too long period.

Magic Bullet blender is designed for making quick smoothies.

It is not designed to blend for a longer period of time.

As per the manufacturer guidelines, you should run for one minute at a time and then turn off the Magic Bullet blender.

If your recipe requires more blending, allow the motor to cool down for 60 seconds and then blend it again for another minute.

It allows the motor to cool and does not overheat.

Using the machine longer leads to the ingredients overheating.

It may increase the pressure inside the blender and may result in the cup bursting and possible personal injury.

Dull blades

The blades of the blender get dull eventually with usage.

If you are blending lots of harder ingredients and ice, it makes the blades dull sooner.

The dull blades cause extra stress on the motor which results in a burning smell.

So, you need to check the condition of the blade whether it is dull or sharp and any other issue with the blade.

Cracked gasket

A blender seal is also called a gasket or sealing ring. The seal is part of the blade assembly.

If the seal is cracked or torn it seeps the liquid into the motor which can cause problems to the motor and may emit a burning smell.

If your Magic bullet is emitting a burning smell, do not miss to inspect the gasket.

Worn out Gear

If your blender blades get overloaded, it leads to worn out blender gears.

The gears of the magic bullet can melt and then harden as the base gear is made from plastic.

This can cause the motor to overload which results in a burning or electrical smell.


How to Fix the Burning Smell of Magic Bullet Blender?

Fill the cup halfway

If you are making frozen drinks, too much frozen ingredient may lead to motor overloading.

You should fill the cup only about half with frozen food and other have to need to not be frozen.

So, filling the ingredients in the right proportion is essential to work motor properly.

If you are making a thick recipe like almond butter, you should use a rubber spatula to keep things moving.

Add some liquid

If you are going to make a frozen drink, you might throw just too much frozen ingredients into the blender.

But you should add some liquid into the cup along with frozen food so that it will blend precisely without overheating the motor.

Replace the blade bearing

Sometimes bearing in the blade assembly may be worn out which leads to a burning smell. In such a case, you need to replace the bearing.

Replacing the bearing is way cheaper than buying a new blender.

You can replace the bearing with a Uxcell carbon steel bearing. As it is made of carbon steel, it is much durable. It also pretty much resistant to heavy load.

It is sealed on both sides of the bearing to keep lubricant in.

It has 8MM Inner Diameter (d), 19MMOuter Diameter (D), 6MM Thickness (B) which can perfectly fit to your Magic Bullet blender.

Replacement of motor

In some cases, you need to replace the motor if the blender is overheated constantly.

If the motor stops working and emitting a burning smell, simply unplug the Power Base and let it cool for a few hours before going to use it again.

Magic Bullet comes with an internal thermal breaker that shuts off the unit when it overheats.

Allow the thermal breaker to cool down completely and allow the Power Base to reset.

Even though the problem persists you need to replace the motor of the blender.

 Cleaning and maintenance are essential

Maintenance and cleaning are very essential for their long-lasting performance.

For good maintenance and cleaning instructions, you should go through the manual.

Make sure you have been using the right speed setting for the right recipes for the good health of the blender.

If there are residue and build-up within your blender, your recipes will taste odd, and your machine will not work properly.

If you follow all the cleaning and maintenance instructions, you can enjoy a lot of delicious recipes with your Magic bullet blender for longer.

Use the right blades for the right application

Magic bullet blender comes with two types of blades. i.e. Cross blade and flat blade.

Using the wrong blade may lead to the blender motor working overtime This can cause emitting a burning or electrical smell even if it isn’t running for longer.

A cross blade works best for chopping, grating, and blending foods like onions, cheeses, meats, and frozen drinks.

A Flat Blade convenient for whipping cream and grinding hard foods such as coffee beans and spices, etc.

Replacing the blade

The blades of the Magic Bullet blender may be warped or becomes dull eventually.

Replacing the blade is an easy fix that you can do it yourself.

So, you need to replace a blade with a new one.

Make sure your blender is unplugged from the power source before beginning this repair.

For removing the blade, you just need a cloth.

Hold the blade assembly using the cloth so that it won’t hurt your fingers. Turn the blade gear clockwise at the backside.

Just keep in mind the base is reverse threaded.

The blade will come off easily and now you can replace it with a new one with just a reverse process

Gasket replacement

If your Magic Bullet is emitting a burning smell, you should replace the gasket with a new one in some cases.

You can replace your Magic bullet gasket with this new rubber gasket.

This replacement gasket is made up of silicone rubber. Its rubber material makes it very soft and not easy to deform.

This non-toxic gasket is durable and safe to use.

Just replacing the gasket easily resolves your issue.

For replacing the gasket, you need to take apart the blade assembly as mentioned above.

Change the gear

In some cases, you need to change the gear if your blender smells like burning.

Changing the gear is quite simple.

If the gears are worn out, you can replace them with this new one.

Make sure the device is unplugged while replacing the gears.

You can follow this simple process to change the Magic Bullet gears.

Final Thoughts

Now you know possible causes and fixes, in case of your Magic Bullet blender is smells like burning.

If your blender smells like burning. It doesn’t mean you need to replace the blender.

There are myriad reasons for occurring this issue.

But you should find out that right reason from the aforementioned causes for your particular blender and fix the issue accordingly.




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