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Why My Ninja Blender Leaking from Bottom? Find Out Ways to Fix It!

Ninja Blender leaking from bottom
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Ninja is one of the best kitchen appliance companies that can provide you with a whole range of kitchen electronic essentials like high-quality grills, ovens, coffee makers, pressure cookers, and a lot more.

Ninja Blenders and processors are their top-of-the-line products having excellent features and modern options.

These quality attributes attract a particularly large customer-base that can run into problems running these appliances from time to time.

Leaking blenders are one of such kitchen appliance problems.

This not only wastes your food and creates an unwanted mess but it can also potentially damage the blender.

There could be several reasons why the Ninja Blender you’ve bought is leaking fluids and making a mess on your kitchen counter.

Why is My Ninja Blender Leaking From Bottom?

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Here are a few top causes for a leaky Ninja Blender:

Unclean or stuffed up gasket in the Blender

The rubber gasket is a very important part of any blender and it requires maintenance from time to time.

Faulty Gasket that needs a replacement

Gasket gets damaged or broken all the time. You can find a replacement online very easily for the specific model you’re using.

You Are Overfilling Your Cup

Overfilling the cup may not be a technical issue but it sure can cause the food or drinks to spill or leak from the container or even from the bottom.

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How Do I stop Ninja Blender Leaking From Bottom?

Ninja really is a great kitchen appliance maker with excellent reviews but some customers face issues regarding blenders every now and then.

This doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the blenders and their authenticity.

It just means that we common folk usually get stuck in minor yet vexing problems and look for ways to get rid of them.

Major Causes:

One of the most common such problems is the leakage that occurs in the blenders.

Ninja makes reliable appliances that, if properly handled, can make your kitchen life extremely easy.

On the other hand, it can be frustrating to deal with a leaky Ninja Blender.

You must first know what’s causing the leak in the first place in order to deal with it.

Here are a few major causes that may eventually lead your blender to a leak:

Unclean Gaskets

If your Ninja Blender was working fine initially, the culprit is most likely an uncleaned gasket with the dirt accumulated all over it.

This happens in almost all the blenders; food pieces get stuck with the blender’s gasket.

What happens that over time, these food pieces build up together and clog the whole gasket.

This clog then turns darker, rots, and finds its way out of the joints and leaks below the blender as a gross, thick liquid.

Such over-clogging can reach the blades too, result in hampering the blades’ performance, and cause them to slow down or even become blunt.

Overused Gasket

The gaskets are made of rubber and are of different qualities.

This rubber usually has a short life span and may deteriorate over time.

Worn out gaskets stop working eventually and no matter what kind of food or liquid you pour into the blender, it will start oozing out from the bottom.

Even gaskets of higher-quality don’t last much longer and start losing their elasticity or thickness.

A thinner gasket may not fit the rim of the blender correctly.

Overfilled cup or container

Filling the cup or container to the brim may not be a technical issue but it’s one of the most common mistakes we make.

Most of the customers don’t realize that there’s a limit properly marked on the container to indicate the maximum level.

If you fill it above that mark, your food or liquid is likely to spill out and you may think that there’s some other fault.

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How to Repair or Stop a Leaking Ninja Blender?

When you analyze your blender and find out that it has any of the above-mentioned problems, you will then have to fix them.

Here are steps that you can follow to troubleshoot and repair your Ninja Blender.

Cleaning the gasket.

The first step to stop your Ninja Blender from leaking is to clean the gasket and unclog all the residue that has been accumulated on it.

To do so you will have to wash your blender using dishwashing soap and clean it with water.

An easy way to wash is by filling the blender’s cup or container up with the washing liquid mixture and turning the machine on for a while in a medium setting.

This process will clean the blender from the inside and wash off the gasket.

Repeat the same process several times if it’s been a long time since you last washed the gasket.

The washing mixture will dissolve all the unwanted clogging on the gasket and relieve you of a leaky blender.

It is recommended that you wash the blender using this process every time you use it.

Install a new gasket and remove the old one.

You can buy a new gasket matching your model of the blender online.

Ninja uses high-quality material to make gaskets for their blenders but they can still reach their limit and stop working if overused.

Therefore, it is better to buy a new gasket and remove the used one after a while.

Try not to fill the Blender cup to the brim

The marked line is there to indicate the cup’s limit and you shouldn’t fill any fluids past that.

Apart from that, keep the lid on because that will keep the food or drinks from flowing over the top.


In addition to the causes we have mentioned above, it is also possible that the container of your blender is simply broken or malfunctioning.

If you face such a situation, then you’ll have to replace the whole container of your blender.

Along with this, you should also check the placement of the gasket as it may be fixed in the rim incorrectly, loosely, or with incorrect angle alignment.


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