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What Are Portable Air Conditioners Without Hose?

Portable air conditioner without hose
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Are you looking for the portable air conditioner without hose to beat the heat of hot weather? Then you came at right place. It is inevitable to stay cool in certain climates without cooling system. If you don’t have centralized air conditioning system at home, then portable air conditioner without hose is a smart option you have. Do you know the best part? They are used stay cool in summer as well as warm in winter weather. So, it is reliable for both of the weather and the cost-effective option too.

What Are Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose Exactly?

If you are in search of portable air conditioner without hose, then you need the evaporative cooler which are ventless. Technically, portable air conditioner cannot be without exhaust. Because there is a heat exchange process in air conditioner which produces hot exhaust air which must be vented outside of your room. If it is not vented out, the temperature in the room will increase and the main purpose of air cooling will not achieve.

When you say portable air conditioner without hose is actually evaporative cooler. Evaporative cooler is also known as swamp cooler, dessert cooler and wet air cooler. It cools the air in the room by evaporating water. Though these air coolers are not as much efficient to cool down the room like traditional air conditioner. But do know the best part? It is lesser energy consumption than regular air conditioner and save a lot of money of you pay for electricity bill. It is also easier to install, maintain and operate than air conditioner.

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Swamp Cooler VS Air Conditioner

Swamp Cooler

Air Conditioner

Fresh Air Recirculated Air
Lower installation cost More installation cost
Energy efficient Higher energy consumption
Doors and windows allows to open works best in enclosed area
Adds moisture to the air Dehydrates the atmosphere
Effective in dry climate Effective in any climate
Less CO2 emission Higher CO2 emission relatively

How Does Swamp Cooler Work?

Swamp coolers mainly uses moisture to cool down the air. The swamp cooler is comprised of water supply valve, float, pump, evaporative pads, blower and blower motor which are the main parts of the cooler. Let’s get to know how it works.

  1. A portable swamp cooler is like box shape and it is operated with electricity. When you turn on the swamp cooler, the water supply valve conveys the water to the bottom of the cooler. When it reaches at desired level, the water supply valve turns off.
  2. When water reaches to its optimum level at the bottom of cooler, pump pulls the water by using water distribution lines. These water distribution lines are positioned at top of the evaporative pads. They dispense water through the evaporative pads.
  3. The blower motor pull in hot air in swamp cooler with the pads. When hot air travelling through the pads, the moisture of the pads cools as well as cleans the air. This all the procedure known as evaporative cooling.
  4. This cool air is transferred to blower and forces the cool air through the duct and in the room.

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How To Operate A Swamp Cooler?

There are many variations in the swamp cooler control panel. They come in manual as well as digital thermostat controller.

Initially, you have to turn on the pump to wet the pads. For manual control, you should turn on the pump for 5 minutes to wet the pads sufficiently. Then turn on the fan to circulate the air in the room.

In case of digital thermostat control, you need to set the pump and turn on the fan. The cooler will turn on automatically when it reaches to desired temperature level.

How To Use A Swamp Cooler Efficiently?

You can use your swamp cooler efficiently by following ways:

1.Proper installation

Install your swamp cooler properly. Portable swamp cooler easier to install than larger one. They only require to plugged in, filled up and turn on the switch.

Portable air conditioner without hose2.Open the window or door

Evaporative coolers moisten the air to cool down the room. If this moisture gets accumulated in the room, it loses its effectiveness. There is need to exit the air for right cooling. So, open the door or window for effective cooling.

3.Add ice for more cooling

Many of folks add ice in the water tank to get more air cooling. It rises the cooling capacity. Many air coolers come with extra ice compartment for additional cooling benefit.

4.Add houseplantsPortable air conditioner without hose

The houseplants help to suck the all extra moisture in the house. They help to make your room drier which is avorable to swamp coolers to do its job more effective.

5.Use dehumidifier

If you are living in the area where there is high humidity use dehumidifier to maintain level of temperature. The swamp cooler doesn’t work properly in high humid areas.

6.Maintain the swamp cooler

The swamp cooler comprised with so many of parts. It is essential to maintain before the things gone wrong. So, you need to winterize and maintain the cooler timely.

How to Winterize Portable Swamp Cooler?

Winterizing is a vital process for swamp cooler. It helps to save you from additional maintenance as well as it makes the appliance more durable and last longer. You can winterize your swamp cooler by following easy steps.

1.Clean the water tank

Remove the water tank and make it empty. Wipe up the residue with water and sponge.

2.Clean the water pump

If you are living in the area where hard water supply, it is better to clean the pump and pipe as well. It can cause to clog the pipe and pump easily.

For this, transfer CLR solution in the water tank. Fill the water tank till the pump goes underwater fully. Allow to soak the two CLR tablets for 20 minutes. While soaking process is going on, remove the air filter and cooling pads. After 20 minutes, turn on the cooler and let run the CLR through the device. Run the solution for 30 seconds. When the process will finish, make water tank empty and rinse it thoroughly. Fill the tank with clear water and run it for 3 minutes so as leftover calcium removed out if any. Make the water tank empty and dry it completely.

3.Clean out the air filter

You can clean the air filter simply using running water to remove the dirt and dust. Keep it aside to make it dry.

4.Clean the cooling pads

Fill the bucket with water and add lemon juice to it. It is necessary to submerge the pad in the water appropriately. Keep it in the water for 30-60 seconds to remove mold. When soaking process   will finish, rinse the pads with running water to remove any dust and dirt. Keep the pads aside and let it dry completely. Then store it properly. Do not store wet pads as it will become a breeding ground for mold.

5.Proper storage

After cleaning process is finished, store it properly. Place the water tank and filter at the back of the cooler. Store the cooler inside where there is warm temperature, which averts the water inside the cooler from damaging it. Do not store it in direct sun light as it may causes discolor the plastic exterior of cooler. Store the cooling pads in the separate box.

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What Are The Best Swamp Cooler Pads?

You need to change the swamp cooler pads during maintenance is essential for effective cooling. These pads play vital role to cool down the air which is main purpose of cooler.

There are two types of cooler pads i.e. Fiber and rigid.

1.Fiber swamp cooler pads

Aspen divided into two: aspen and synthetic fibera.

A. Aspen

Aspen pads made from wood shaving. It comes in low cost with best cooling capacity. This is made from natural material which has pleasant wood smell. They come in 1 inch or 2 inches. If you have thicker pads, it absorbs more water for cooling. These aspen pads can be only used for 3 panel coolers. It should be replaced every year which is disadvantage of this pad.

B. Synthetic fiber

These pads made of synthetic material and more durable than aspen pads. The benefit of this type of pad is it can be washed and reused. It has mold resistant capacity.

2. Rigid swamp cooler pad

Rigid swamp cooler pad made of honeycomb shaped paper. It comes in two sizes: 8 inches and 12 inches. It is mainly used for in unit with a single intake for air. It doesn’t deteriorate soon, lasts for 3 to 5 years. Only downside of this pad is, it is expensive.

How to Change the Swamp Cooler Pad?

If you want to enjoy the best cooling from your swamp cooler, then you have to maintain swamp cooler pad properly. So, replacing the cooling pad is vital in maintenance. Let’s get to know how it is easy to change the swamp cooler pad.

Open up the swamp cooler and locate the old one pad. Measure this old pad with measuring tape and buy the new pad with those measurement. Buy the little bigger pads than your measurement as it need to be fold while installing them.

Unscrew the mesh screen with help of screw driver. Remove the screen and take out the pads. Wipe out dust inside the cooler and replace the new pads. Screw the mesh screen over the pads properly. If they stick out past the mesh screen, fold the back under the mesh.

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What Size Evaporative Cooler Do I Need?

Portable air conditioner without hose

You will need to buy the evaporative cooler with correct size to get the optimum results. The output of evaporative cooler is measured by CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) which means the air amount cycled through the environment per minute. If you want to find the CFM, follow this basic formula. Consider the cubic feet of area you need cooling and divide it by number 2.

  E.g. If you want to cool down your living room which is 300 square feet with 8 feet ceiling.

Then cubic feet=300×8=2400

                 CFM= cubic feet/2



Disadvantages of Evaporative Cooling

  1. The major drawback of evaporative cooling is it is suitable in dry climate only. It is not effective in high humid areas.
  2. The evaporative cooling works best only in the area where there is constant fresh air supply from outside.
  3. It needs constant supply of water. If you are living in area where is scarce of water, traditional air conditioner is great choice for those people.
  4. It needs frequent maintenance than other cooling system.

Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Window Exhaust

1. Honeywell CO30XE Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

 Honeywell CO30XE Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is energy efficient cooler perfect for indoor as well as outdoor cooling. This cooler is weather resistant if you are going to use outdoor. This is three in one appliance comprises air cooler, fan, and humidifier. It has ice compartment to enjoy the refreshing cool air in the hotter environment. The cooler comes with detachable 7.9-gallon water tank which makes it easy to access. It has remote control for easy access to control panel setting.

Pros Cons
1.Easy to install 1.Heavy in weight
2. Indoor and outdoor use 2. Generates noise while operating.
3. LED control panel
4. Cools down 600 sq-ft, when used outdoor.

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2. Honeywell CS10XE Portable Evaporative Cooler

 Honeywell CS10XE is a compact evaporative cooler ideal for indoor use. This appliance lowers the temperature of the small room by 30 degrees. It comes with 6foot power cord offers ease in position. It is effective for the room sized 175sq-ft. It comes with 2.6-gallon water reservoir which is larger than the swamp cooler unit at this price range. The unit has compact and attractive silver and black casing that will looks beautiful in your home.

Pros Cons
1. Large LED display with control panel 1.Convenient for small room only.
2. Stylish, attractive and compact design 2. Noisy
3.Comes with a carbon dust filter and low water alarm 3. No ice compartment
4. 5-castors for more stability
5. Lightweight unit
6. Good customer service

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3. Luma Comfort EC220W Evaporative Cooler

Luma Comfort EC220W is a high power evaporative cooler reliable for hot and dry climates for indoor as well as outdoor use. Its 3-cooling speed with wind mode render fresh air in hottest climate. The cooler equipped with large 5-gallon water tank. It is removable water tank which you can fill from the top or the bottom side. This economical and eco-friendly way cooling can also use in green houses or agriculture settings. It can cool the area up to 650sq-ft. You can control the air strength with low, medium and high setting.

Pros Cons
1. Simple assembly without any tool requirement 1. Huge and bulky unit
2.High efficiency cooling pad 2.Noisy
3.Powerful blower design 3. Difficult to clean
4. Allows portability with wheels

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4. Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air Cooler

 Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air Cooler is one of the best and effective cooler comes in the compact size. This cooler comes with 2 fan speed allows perfect cooling for small room. It offers effective cooling up to 750sqft. It has durable polypropylene housing with UV protection. You can use it indoor or outdoor for cooling. This cooler has 3 panels which provides more cooling power. It has manual control, so easy to operate. The level sensor is easy to read.

Pros Cons
1. Simple and easy to install, use 1. The plastic base is not much durable
2.Quiet while operating 2. some users experience leakage issue
3.Even air distribution.
4. Easy placement with locking caster

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