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5 Best Meat Slicer for Frozen Meat (In-Depth Guide)

Best meat slicer for frozen meat
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Are you looking to slice frozen meat straight away from the freezer? Slicing frozen meat is one of the most difficult culinary tasks.

So, you should get hold of the best meat slicer for frozen meat which can slice meat effortlessly.

Slicing frozen meat without thawing is a really challenging task. Most of the top chef also face this issue in top restaurants while dealing with frozen meat slicing.

Because it is hard to get professional results in frozen meat slicing. For achieving professional results, you need to get the right meat slicer.

So, here I am going to mention the best meat slicer for frozen meat with in-depth buying guide. I recommend reading a buying guide that will help you to choose the best.

How Long is Frozen Meat is Good for?

Freezing is a wonderful way to keep meat fresh for longer!

But there is a question that always pops up into the mind that for how long it is safe to eat?

According to the study of U.S. Department of Agriculture, freezing food to 00 F is always safe to eat as it inactivates the microbes and prevents the mold and bacterial growth.

But it is only applicable for the meat stores right at 00

There should not be fluctuation in temperature stored which prevents bacterial growth. Precise storage is equally important as the temperature.

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 Frozen Meat Shelf Life

The shelf life of frozen meat simply depends upon the type of meat. Generally, it lasts from one month to one year.

If you are going to use the frozen meat within two months, then you can store in the freezer in its original packaging. If you want to freeze it for more than two months, you need to wrap it in freezer paper or aluminum foil. Also, check for the date and content on the packaging.

You can get some idea about the shelf life of frozen meat with the following table.

Sources: National Center for food preservation, United States Department of Agriculture

How Can You Tell Whether Frozen Meat Has Gone Bad?

If frozen meat changes its texture it may not safe to eat. It looks like dull, dried up and desiccated. The frozen meat sometimes adversely affects the real taste and smell which is the clear sign of going it bad.

You may have heard of freezer burn which is known as food killer. If you notice any grayish or brown dry spots on frozen beef. It is the result of freezer burn. Though it is quite safe to eat, the taste and quality get much affected.

If you want to save your frozen meat, there is a great alternative here. You can use food saver bags which keeps your frozen meat longer without going it bad. Then, use vacuum sealer which sucks all the air inside the bag. Isn’t it awesome?

Following are the tips to freeze your meat properly without going it bad.

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Can You Cut Frozen Meat with a Meat Slicer?

Slice meat with meat slicer

Slicing frozen meat is much easier with the right meat slicer!

Yes, definitely you can cut frozen meat with a meat slicer. But as I said above, slicing frozen meat is a quite tricky task.

Right meat slicer helps you a lot to slice meat without thawing. Actually thawing adversely affect the texture and flavor of the meat.

But keep in mind meat should not be fully frozen. Otherwise, it leads to damage of the blade. Partially frozen meat is the best texture for slicing with a meat slicer.

Actually, slicing meat is very easy when it is chilled. So, it is always better to slicer partially frozen meat than fully frozen.

Make sure the meat is completely boneless. Otherwise, it will tear up your slicer while slicing the meat.

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Why Do You Need to Invest in Meat Slicer for Frozen Meat?

  1. Saves money

Buying pre-sliced frozen meat from a grocery store is always lead to cost more than homemade slicing. You can slice frozen meat at any time when you craving for a delicious dish of frozen meat. So, you save a lot of bucks in the long run by getting a good meat slicer.

  1. Thin Slices

If you want paper thin slices for making delicious shabu shabu, then meat slicer is a great appliance. It can slice the frozen meat efficiently with desired thin slices for your recipes.

  1. Saving time

The meat slicer saves your time of cooking considerably. Without waiting for frozen meat to get it very soft, you can make perfect slices with the meat slicer.

Whether frozen meat needs more time to cook, but it is worth. Because frozen meat allows for juicier steaks which result in great texture and taste of meat.

  1. Uniform slices

It is difficult to slice frozen meat uniformly with other tools like a knife. You can get uniformity in slices easily with a good meat slicer.

  1. Versatility

Meat slicer offers versatility in its function. It can slice hard vegetables along with frozen meat.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Meat Slicer for Frozen Meat?

  • Power

If you are looking for a meat slicer especially for frozen meat, then you should invest in a high powered meat slicer. Because slicing frozen meat is one of the toughest tasks for food slicer to perform which require high power motor.

  • Speed

You should get high powered slicer as it influences the speed of the task. It decides for how long you will be able to slice frozen meat. With high power motor, you can slice frozen meat for longer than low powered slicer.

  • Ease of cleaning

Keeping your  meat slicer clean is essential. Otherwise, it leads to foodborne illnesses. All food slicers take time to clean up. But some needs more time than others.

Most of the food slicer require to take apart for cleaning. So, you should know how to assemble and disassemble the slicer. Most of the slicer comes with a removable blade which also eases cleaning.

  • Price

Budget is an essential aspect while choosing the meat slicer. There is a wide range of meat slicer available in the market out there. You can choose inexpensive, most of the caters basic needs of slicing. The expensive one comes with some fancy bells and whistles.

Best Meat Slicer for Frozen Meat

There are two types of meat which can slice the meat. i.e. manual and electric. You can choose manual or electric as per your need and choice.

Best Electric Frozen Meat Slicer

KWS Commercial 320w Electric Frozen Meat Slicer

This KWS Commercial 320w Electric Frozen  Meat Slicer is semi-automatic meat slicer which can slice meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits easily and quickly. It is a perfect appliance for commercial use as well as home use.

The meat slicer comes with 10” high-quality 304 stainless steel blade. It is anti-rust and more durable than carbon steel blades. The slicer has different slice adjustment which can slice from paper thin to 0.4 inches thick.

The KWS provides built-in dual whetstone sharpener and ring guard assembly for the blade. So, you can always keep the razor sharp blade and make it safe to use.

It is equipped with 320 watts’ motor power that slice the frozen meat fast. The motor is constructed of high quality copper which makes it durable as well as the best performer. The meat slicer constructed of aluminum alloy which is anti-corrode and durable.

It comes with a large product tray that holds food up to 7.5 (L) X 7(W) X 5.5 (H). This tray is removable for cleaning.

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  • Powerful 0.4 hp motor
  • Uniform cuts
  • Anti-skid rubber feet
  • Removable product tray
  • Easy cleanup


  • Heavy slicer

Elite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer

 Now you can enjoy sliced meat recipes at home which saves your time and money withElite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer. It is a multipurpose meat slicer which can slice meat, cold cuts, hard cheese, fruit, vegetables, and even bread.

This professional grade electric meat slicer made up of premium quality die-cast aluminum that is durable as well as rust proof. It comes with a stainless steel blade which allows for clean cuts of meat.

It has an adjustable thickness to control the slicing. You can slice super thin to thick slices with this slicer. So you can adjust the desired thickness of food as the recipe calls for.

It comes with sturdy non-slip feet, allows for stability while in use which is a very important aspect according to the safety view.

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  • Sturdy and durable
  • Super sharp stainless steel blade
  • Not too heavy to move anywhere
  • Easy to use


  • Spins slow

Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer

 Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer is one of the affordable meat slicers comes with its unique design and features.

It comes with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum construction which is robust and long-lasting. This slicer equipped with 180 watts of a powerful motor.

The meat slicer comes with a 7.5’’ stainless steel blade that is sharp and removable. The removable feature makes cleaning breeze.

The slicer can slice super thin to thick slices of meat. You can adjust the thickness of meat super thin to ¾’’ thick with an adjustable knob.

This meat slicer works great for frozen meat. But it is better to slightly thaw before slicing for making perfect slices.

As it is ETL certified meat slicer that ensures the quality and safety which is an important aspect while using a meat slicer.

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  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Removable stainless steel blade eases cleaning
  • Inexpensive
  • ETL certification ensures safety and quality


  • The plastic holder things could be better with teeth

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Best Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

 The Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer is constructed of high-quality stainless steel. It makes food preparation easy as it caters the needs of paper thin to extra thin slices.

The slicer can slice frozen meat beef, chicken, ham, lamb, etc. with ease which is the hard and time-consuming job in the kitchen. You can slice frozen meat easily with paper-thin slices.

So, now making hot pot is very much easy with this meat slicer. Isn’t it?

As it is a meat slicer doesn’t mean it can only slice meat. This slicer is versatile as you can slice a variety of vegetables, fish along with meat. You can adjust the thickness of the meat with this slicer. It can slice from 0.2mm to 25mm thickness.

Cleaning is quite easy. The parts of the slicer are not dishwasher safe. But they are easy to clean with warm soapy water.

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  • Durable with stainless steel construction
  • Can be used for a longer time slicing
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Needs a bit of learning curve to slice perfectly

Venturemax Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

If you are not comfortable to use electric meat slicer this Venturemax Manual Frozen Meat Slicer is another best manual meat slicer option to buy. You can slice frozen anything like bacon, hot pot, jerky with this meat slicer. The slicer can also slice hard vegetables like onion, potatoes, squash, etc. easily.

It is a durable option to buy as it is made up of stainless steel. You can adjust the thickness of the slices with this guillotine style cutter.

It is very easy to operate slicer. You just need to place the slicer on the table. Hold the slicer handle firmly. Now keep the frozen meat on V shape bracket. Hold the meat with the left hand and make the slices with the right hand using handle. Isn’t it easy?

It is a lightweight slicer as it weighs only about 5 lbs. You can carry it anywhere you need.

Tips for using this slicer for getting perfect slices:

Shave the lumps off of the bottom side of meat to prevent wobbling. So you can get even slices.

If your meat is too frozen you need to push it hard to make slices.

Don’t get ball bearing wet.

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  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use and control
  • Easy to adjust the thickness
  • Provided with an extra blade and knife sharpener


  • Cleaning is not much easy

Wrap Up

These are the best meat slicer for frozen meat. They all work great for slicing frozen meat effortlessly.

If you are a deli meat lover and want a meat slicer for slicing frozen meat, then meat slicer is must have appliance in your kitchen. It saves your time and effort significantly.

Manual meat slicer works great but needs little effort and muscle to slice frozen meat. If you go with an electric one, it is comparably faster than manual.

So, choose the meat slicer as per your need and preference and enjoy your meat slicing recipes by choosing the right meat slicer.

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