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What’s a Good Substitute for Robiola Cheese?

Robiola cheese substitute
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There are many fantastic recipes from starters to desserts that call for Robiola cheese.

It can be also used as spreadable cheese.

You can enhance the taste of your dish with this wonderful Italian cheese!

But what if the recipe calls for Robiola cheese and you don’t have this Italian cheese handy?

Is there any substitute for Robiola cheese?

Then I would say, Yes, there are few substitutes for Robiola cheese.

You can use cream cheese, Brie cheese, or sour cream as a substitute for Robiola cheese.

They are much similar in texture and flavor. You can use it as per the requirement of your recipe for enriching taste, flavor, and texture.

Here you’ll get to know more about Robiola cheese and its perfect substitutes for your recipes.

What is Robiola Cheese?

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Robiola cheese is an Italian cheese that comes from the Stracchino family.

This ancient Italian cheese originated in the Langhe region in Piedmont.

The Robiola cheese is soft-ripened cheese made from cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk.

The different regions produced this cheese with different techniques.

In some regions, it is made only from cow’s milk whereas, in some regions, it is made from cow’s milk and sheep’s or goat’s milk.

Therefore, it is called Robiola due latti, which means two-milk Robiola.

Some producers made robiola with cow, sheep, and goat milk. This cheese is known as Three milk robiola cheese.

It is majorly produced during summer-time when goats and sheep start to produce milk.

What Does Robiola Taste Like?

There are different types of robiola produced depends upon the types of milk used during production and condition of curing.

Generally, robiola cheese has no rind. It is a soft pure white paste that can be easily spreadable.

Usually, it has a delicate, milky, and slightly tart taste.

But there are also other types of Robiola that comes with a sharper flavor. It shows a brushed crust and aged for about three weeks.

The Fresh Robiola Cheese

The fresh Robiola cheese has a pleasant smell due to the sweetness of the milk and the acidity of the curd.

It is ripened for four to ten days.  The fresh Robiola sometimes comes with a rind that has a light natural bloom of mold or sometimes it is absent.

It is milky white to straw yellow, the color depends upon season with a soft creamy paste.

The flavor and aroma of the cheese may change from a delicate tangy to slightly sour.

The Aged Robiola Cheese

Aged robiola has an aroma and taste fuller and intense with hints of herbs. It is also sometimes spicy taste.

It is aged from 11 days to three weeks. The aged cheese forms a rind with a natural bloom of mold. It may come in a little reddish in color.

In the maturing process, the body of the cheese becomes a little more compact as the cheese matures.

It becomes creamier as it matures because of the proteins within the cheese change.

Where to Buy Robiola Cheese?

You can buy a Robiola cheese specialized cheese store in your area.

If it is not available nearby your area, you can buy it online avenues like Amazon or visit the websites of cheese companies who offer delivery services as well.

You can find other substitutes for robiola cheese also on Amazon. There are different types of cheeses available.

You can buy them online as per your recipe calls for.

Substitutes for Robiola Cheese

Cream Cheese


Cream cheese is the closest substitute for Robiola cheese. It is a fresh and soft cheese made from milk and cheese.

This mild-tasting cheese is not naturally matured and consumed when it is fresh.

It comes with a sweet but little tangy taste. This is a simple fresh cheese that is perfectly paired with sweet and savory dishes.

It is often spread on bread, crackers, bagels, or used for dipping. You can mix with yogurt or pepper jelly to make a perfect spread.

It is also used to make cheesecakes, frosting. You can use it to thicken sauces, in salads.

There are many similarities between Robiola and cream cheese.

Both are creamy cheeses which are spreadable.  They both come with a slightly tangy flavor. There are also have similarities in color and texture.

Brie Cheese

French Brie - 2 pound (2 pound)

Brie cheese is a soft farmhouse cheese made from cow’s milk. But it is also made from goat’s milk.

It is originated in the French region, Brie.

The Brie cheese comes in pale color with a slight greyish tinge. It has a bloomy rind of white mold which is generally eaten.

The brie cheese has a rich, fruity, buttery flavor. The flavor of brie cheese has a runny, creamy texture and a strong earthy aroma.

Brie cheese is similar to Robiola cheese in terms of runny and creamy texture. They both are also mild in flavor.

Sour Cream

Daisy Light Squeeze Sour Cream, 14 Ounce

Sour cream is a dairy product made by fermenting regular cream. It is produced by using certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria.

For making sour cream bacteria is introduced that helps to sours and thickens the cream.

Creame Fraiche is a type of sour cream that comes with high fat and less sour taste.

Sour cream may include ingredients like rennin, gelatin, and vegetable enzymes which help it to stabilize and make it thicker.

You can use sour cream for a variety of dishes like Deviled Eggs, Pasta and Potato salads, soup, sandwich spread, pancakes, crepes, etc.

As Robiola is a creamy cheese, you can use sour cream as a substitute. Both are the same in texture and spreadable.

You can also freeze sour cream for later use.


Now you know the best substitutes for Robiola cheese. I recommend cream cheese, as it is the closest substitute that I found for Robiola cheese.

There are many similarities in texture and taste between Robiola and cream cheese.

Even you don’t find cream cheese, you won’t go wrong with Brie cheese and sour cream.


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