Speed Queen Washer and Dryer

Why Is My Speed Queen Washer Beeps 3 Times?

Speed Queen Washer Beeps 3 Times
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The modern equipment you own is filled with new-age features meant to make life easier.

Laundry chores can be completed efficiently and stress-free.

When the machine detects faults or issues needing attention, there are error codes and sounds to be played.

The warning sounds are beeps pinpointing specific problems with the speed queen washer.

When the speed queen washer beeps 3 times it is usually a fault with the door lock.

The issues might pertain to the locking mechanism, a problem with the door itself, or miscommunication between components.

A speed queen beeping simply means most of the diagnosing work has been handled.

It is on you to find solutions sooner rather than later.

Speed Queen Washer Beeps 3 Times – Causes

Door Ajar

The door or lid on the machine might be faulty; hence the machine is offering warnings.

If the door isn’t fully latched, the machine cannot operate.

This beeping three times is usually accompanied by a non-working machine.

The beeps occur at the beginning of a cycle, and incidentally, the issue needs to be resolved or the machine won’t enter a cycle.

Part of the reason for the beeping could also be a door that was latched but couldn’t close properly due to heavy loads.

Control Board

If the control board is experiencing some mishaps, the beeping might not end.

It means even after checking and fixing the door lock problem the error codes or beeping continues.

It might be a faulty control board at play.

This requires slightly more experienced technicians to find the fault and fix it.

There are some quick, possible fixes to this error in beeping listed below.

Power Issues

Three beeps usually signify an error with lids or doors locking.

If these are not possible problems with the machine, it could be a power fluctuation.

Power surges often cause controls and software to go into disarray.

The unit per se could be okay, it is just that communication has been sent haywire following power disruptions.

The solution to this issue is quite simple and is listed herein.

Be sure to turn off the unit if the beeping persists and seek advice from customer service.

Lock Assembly

Along with the lock or lid switch are other components known as the assembly.

These parts work together to send signals to the control board regarding a locked or unlocked door.

If the assembly is faulty, the control board receives incorrect signals.

Part of the reason for the assembly being faulty involves rough delivery once you buy the machine.

Parts can become dented and some components become loose.

A lock assembly is easy to remove and replace and this unit can be easily acquired online.

Faulty Engineering

According to some user forums, newer models of the speed queen require replacing a certain part.

This is true for the machine immediately after purchase.

With that being the case, not all new speed queen machines have this problem.

This problem can only be diagnosed when all functions of the machine are in order.

Also, if the lock assembly and door seem fine, it might require some calls to customer service.

The speed queen offers value for money and needs to be used as recommended for optimal results.

When the speed queen beeps 3 times you might simply need to check doors and locks.

Incidentally, the fixes for these causes are easy to accomplish without much expertise.

Speed Queen Washer Beeps 3 times – Fixes

Lock the Lid

Lock the door and slam it shut to be sure the beeping is not door-related.

As beeping three times implies the door is not fully shut this should be the first approach to fixing the problem.

While shutting the lid again, ensure nothing is keeping the lid open.

Anything compromising the proper shutting of the lid could lead to beeping noises.

Ensure that loads are not exceeding the load capacity.

If washing stuff like blankets duvets and the like, usually prevent the doors from closing properly.

You might have assumed the door was fully-latched when it was not.

Thus, avoid overloading the speed queen and stick to the recommended load capacity.


Remove the machine from its power source and let it sit for a while.

Reconnect it to its power source and see if it beeps again.

Begin with a full wash cycle and with the door fully latched.

If the problem persists, then it was more than power failure or surges.

Proceed with the above step or tackle the steps below for further and final resolutions to the beeping problem.

Additionally, it might be advisable to use a surge protector at the socket or have one installed on the main board.

Incidentally, any deep diagnostics requiring the removal of panels should be left to professionals.

Lock Assembly

Source a new lock assembly online if this turns out to be the problem.

Once it is determined that the door locks as it should, and power isn’t causing mayhem, a lock assembly needs to be procured.

This is easy to find on credible web-based resources.

The procuring process and assembling should be carried out by professionals.

All electrical connections and the related assembling need to be carried out with the unit unplugged.

Avoid electrical shocks at all costs.

Circuit Board

If power surges have been the problem, you might have to replace the circuit board.

It will be apparent if this is necessary because other parts will be in disarray too.

If it is determined the circuit board needs to be replaced, a handy technician can help.

Be sure to seek advice only from a speed queen technician. It helps avoid unnecessary replacements in the future.

A fried circuit board or a new motherboard are not cheap nor are they easy to replace.


This happens rarely but instability can cause door latches and assemblies to go off place.

In the unlikely event that this was the cause, be sure to stabilize the machine.

Some owners latch the unit to the wall to avoid any form of movement.

Others simply ensure the levelers at the bottom are doing their job.

Using pallets also keeps water from reaching the machine and creates slippery conditions.

With a spinning machine that is also loaded with clothes, certain parts can get loose and damaged.

Customer Service

As mentioned before, certain forums host owners claiming they had to replace certain parts.

Although the parts aren’t mentioned therein, the washers with the problem turned out to be new.

It means it might be worthwhile to call customer service and have the model number ready.

If all steps to eliminating the causes of the three beeps have been followed, do no more.

Have their technicians offer more insight as it could be faulty engineering.

Bottom Line

The speed queen washer takes the load of laundry and gives you peace.

The loads in the machine however need to be within the capacity to avoid damaging the washer.

Also, moving or delivering a washing machine should be done professionally to avoid unnecessary repairs and replacement costs.

A speed queen is a modern machine needing modern approaches to maintaining it.

Perform proper maintenance and usage to avoid unnecessary costs moving forward.







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