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How to Fix Vitamix Stuck on High Speed?

vitamix stuck on high speed
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 We all know how reliable our Vitamix blenders are.

They serve us throughout the years by blending ingredients and prepare homemade smoothies and shakes for us.

Even with the tiniest seeds and the thickest ingredients, everything can be blended with the Vitamix blenders without breaking a sweat.

But like all other electronics, Vitamix blenders sometimes show problems and one of the most common problems is being stuck at high speed.

It may not seem like a problem but in the case of Vitamix blenders, it is.

Vitamix blenders are powered with very powerful motors that can reach speeds of 240 mph or even higher.

Starting your blender at such high speed will spill all the ingredients that you put in the jar. That is one problem.

The other problem is that you cannot create textures because your blender is stuck on the only one-speed setting.

The final problem in our book is heat.

Vitamix blenders can heat the liquid using heat friction in its high settings and it takes less than 90 seconds.

So, you probably cannot make any cold refreshments with a Vitamix blender stuck at high speed.

Why is My Vitamix Stuck at High Speed?

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There Are several reasons why your Vitamix may be stuck on the high-speed settings.

It can be a loose wire in the dashboard, circuit malfunction, broken switch, or the motor itself is damaged, etc.

Let us breakdown the mechanics of a Vitamix blender.

All Vitamix blenders have two primary switches.

A turn on/ off switch and a high/low-speed switch.

The newer versions come with another additional switch.

A speed dial for variable speed control.

Generally, it has 10-speed settings and some expensive ones come with a preset of different recipes.

Those that come with this variable speed dial have a high/ variable switch instead of a high/ low switch.

If your Vitamix has these physical switches, then it is more likely to be that a damaged switch is causing your Vitamix to be stuck at high speed.

The High/ variable switch to be exact.

Maybe the switch got damaged internally and the broken insight reformed a pattern for the setting to be on high.

Or maybe the wires that connect the power to the variable settings get loose and that is why your Vitamix is stuck at high speed.

Sometimes we face even more complicated issues of the blender stick at high speed.

The high/ variable switch is completely fine. It’s the variable speed dial.

If you must know, the Vitamix with variable speed controls can be set on low speed with the variable speed dial only.

So, if that variable switch got damaged internally, your Vitamix will be stuck on high-speed settings either way.

You set it on high or variable, you are stuck with the high-speed settings and that is very disturbing.

If You have been keeping track of Vitamix’s latest blenders, you might have come across some Vitamix blenders that have no physical switch.

They call them smart. Those blenders have touch panels for setting up speed and other settings.

They can be even controlled with smartphones using the Vitamix app.

It is very unlikely for them to be stuck on high-speed settings.

If they do get stuck, it is either for the app or some complex problem in the motherboard.

Those Are very complex problems and they are best not to be repaired by yourself.

How to Fix Vitamix That is Stuck at High Speed?

There are a few ways of fixing your broken Vitamix blender that is stuck at high speed.


The safest and reliable way to fix your Vitamix blender is to send it to the manufacturer.

If your blender still has its warranty, send it to Vitamix then. It will cost no money at all.

They will carefully open your blender and inspect it to identify the actual cause of your Vitamix stuck at high speed and they will fix it.

Rest assured for your Vitamix blender is in the hands of experts.

It will be like your blender taking a tour to its school where it will be reeducated and reshaped to be used as new again.

Manual hands-on repair

If your Vitamix doesn’t have any warranty or it is expired, you can still send it for repair but that will cause service charges.

Some people don’t like that and they are also not a fan of waiting.

So, they opt for hands-on repair. If you are a DIY person then sure, give it a try.

For this you will need to open the blender first.

Unscrew the blender and then take it out.

The first thing you should do is check the circuit board for any burns.

If there aren’t any then look at the wire joints. The one that is soldered with iron.

Are any of those joints lose?

If yes then take out your iron soldering gear and fix it. Then give it a try without screwing it.

If the blender works properly, then congratulations.

Screw it and it’s done.

If the soldering did not fix the problem then it may be the switch that is damaged. It is probably the high/ variable switch or the Variable speed dial switch that is damaged.

It would be hard to determine which of them is damaged sometimes.

If the blenders show rapid speed shift in variable mode, then the variable speed dial is damaged.

You will need to replace that with a new one.

If the high/ variable switch doesn’t work, meaning the blender is just running on one constant speed and the variable speed dial has no effect on it, that probably means that the high/ variable switch is damaged.

You will need to replace it then.

You can find the same type of switch at the local electric shop or you can just order it from Amazon.

After getting them, carefully replace them.

First, trace back the words to make sure you put the new ones in the right place. Then screw the switches.

Then before screwing the blender, give it a test run.

If everything runs the way it should be, screw the blender and use it.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a Vitamix blender is not always easy.

If the switch is only damaged, then you can repair it by hand.

But if you are not sure what’s wrong, take it to service.

It is better to spend some money and play safe rather than losing it all.

Whatever you do, do it if you are certain.


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