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Vitamix Pulse Not Working? Explore Possible Causes and Fixes!

Vitamix Pulse Not Working
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Vitamix Pulse is one of the popular models of Vitamix blender and can be found in most kitchens across the world.

The machine is compact, easy to use, and can perform the simple task of blending different foods and liquids.

Even though it is made using premium parts and the latest technology, sometimes Vitamix Pulse may develop some unwanted issues.

And it has been seen that most of the users face a common issue, i.e., Vitamix Pulse not functioning.

If the Vitamix Pulse is not working, then there might be you have arranged the wrong sequence of ingredients in the container, or using too many frozen items will be the reason.

There can be some technical cause such as damaged drive socket, broken coupler, the motor gets overheated. 

Well, you can solve this issue by checking the electrical components or fuse of the blender.

Wondering why is your Vitamix Pulse not working?

Well, keep reading to know about some reasons and how to fix the issue at home.

What is Pulse Mode on Vitamix?

Pulse mode is a quick and convenient way to make outstanding recipes.

It can easily turn your machine on and off again with the flick of a switch or just press a button.

Sometimes it takes only a few pulses to get the perfect texture you desire.

It is a great option to put a light finish on thicker recipes.

Pulse mode on Vitamix allows you to have total control over your blend.

By using the pulse mode on your Vitamix, you can make Ice cream, finish off smoothies, a quick salad dressing, sauce, or dip, or even chop the ingredients.

The pulse feature is even great for thicker recipes as well.

You can operate Pulse mode on Vitamix by Pressing down on the Pulse Switch.

Once you press the Pulse switch, it will cause the machine to blend at the speed setting which is shown on the Variable Speed Dial for as long as the Pulse Switch is held down.

Vitamix blenders offer both digital and traditional blender options.

On their newer digital options, it’s set up very where you press the pulse button.

However, on their traditional style Vitamix blender models you can use the switch and speed dial, and you are can also set the speed at which you pulsate.

Vitamix Pulse Not Working? Some Possible Causes Behind This!

Is your Vitamix Pulse not working?

Well, don’t worry at all as you can make it function again at your home just by following some simple steps.

However, before exploring the solutions, it is advisable to understand the reasons that can stop your Vitamix Pulse from functioning properly.

Let’s have a look at those reasons.

The ingredients are in the wrong sequence

If the blade of the machine is not rotating even if the machine is turned on, then a possible reason can be that you have the ingredients or food items mixed up in an inappropriate order.

When you add ice to the blender first, then the ice may get stuck in the gears, preventing the blade from rotating.

As a result, the users should begin with generalization.

The experts always advise combining milk, juice, cheese, and water.

When the food items are stacked properly, your Vitamix Pulse will work at its best.

The sword will grasp everything, and after the soft and fluid component, it will process the hard materials smoothly.

When you put hard components, like dried berries and ice, the sword will not move at all or will contact them slowly.

This can lead to motor socket deterioration or blade stuttering. So, if the blade is not rotating, try to rearrange the ingredients.

Damaged Driver Socket Sets

If the blade of your Vitamix Pulse is not spinning, it is possible that the blender’s drive connection is damaged or worn down.

But how to check if the driving socket is damaged or not?

Well, unplug your Vitamix Pulse and then remove the container.

Now, you should check the driving socket for scrapes, nicks, or fractures.

The socket needs to be attached properly.

If the socket is solidly attached or cracked, the machine will not work.

The Motor is Overheated

The Vitamix Pulse is designed in such a way that it will not work if the motor is overheated.

There can be different reasons behind this.

For example, damaged coupler, overloaded blades, damaged brushes, overworked motor, and more.

Once the machine gets overheated, it will not be turned on for around 20 minutes until it is cooled down.

You should consider this particular issue for granted because if you ignore this issue, it can burn the machine.

So, stop the machine immediately and let it cool.

Using Too Many Frozen Items

Want to make a smoothie, but your Vitamix Pulse not working?

Well, sometimes, when blending frozen ingredients, users put all the things into the mixer.

If you do the same, then the machine will stall.

To get a perfect blend, you should always use processes and chilled items.

Overheating the jar can also make the blade stopped working.

If you think there are a lot of frozen foods in the jar, then try emptying the jar a little.

The rotators will now work properly.

Improper Placement of The Container

The Vitamix Pulse model comes with an advanced Safety Interlock System.

If the container is not properly attached to the motor unit, the feature will not allow the blender to function, causing Vitamix Pulse to not work.

So, you need to properly align the container’s tabs with the motor unit’s notches.

When the machine detects any disruptions, it will turn off automatically.

Broken Coupler

The Vitamix Pulse’s coupler connects the blender’s base to the jar.

Well, they generally wear out with time.

On the other hand, if you blend frozen vegetables and fruits at high speed, it can also damage the coupler.

If the machine is not working, then this can be a major reason.

Vitamix Pulse Not Working? Possible Fixes to Try Out!

There can be many reasons for Vitamix Pulse, not working issues, but don’t worry at all as here we have listed down some easy-to-do fixes using which you can make your machine run again.

Have a look at the below-given points.

Properly Check the Power Connectivity

If your Vitamix Pulse is not working, the first thing that you can try to solve the issue is by checking the machine’s power connectivity.

This can be easily checked by disconnecting the machine’s power cord.

After that, you can check the switch by turning it on.

Then take a multimeter and turn on the switch.

If the multimeter shows a low reading, then the switch is working properly.

If not, then consider replacing the switch.

This switch is a genuine OEM replacement part by Vitamix that provides safety, reliability, and optimal performance.

Vita-Mix 15758 On Off Switch OEM Part

Try By Cleaning the Terminals

If your Vitamix Pulse not working and the switch is not damaged, then you can try cleaning the blender’s terminals and wondering how to clean it?

Well, first, you need to remove the faceplate covering the switch buttons and housing.

Then you can see the screws that hold the switch housing cover.

Gently remove the screws to prevent any further damage.

Now, use a cleaning solvent and spray that on the terminals, openings, and contacts.

This would make the machine work properly when you power it on.

Have You Checked The Fuse?

Another thing that you should do if the machine is not working is check and test the Pulse’s fuse.

First, you need to locate the fuse.

In general, this can be found at the end of the wire, coming from the terminal where the cord is connected.

Now, using a voltmeter, check the fuse.

If the voltmeter displays a higher reading, then you should replace the machine’s fuse.

However, ensure that you are using the right type of fuse.

Check the Coupler

This is the thing that you lock the container into before using the machine.

These are normally made of plastic or hard rubber, and after using the machine for a few months, they can get damaged.

Sometimes, they can even melt.

If the Vitamix Pulse has a damaged coupler, then it will now work at all.

So, check the coupler, and if it is broken or cracked, then replace that with a new one.

The installation process of couplers is very easy.

All you need to do is remove the screw from the old one, clean the debris, and fix the new one.

Vitamix Drive Socket Kit , Metal - 891

Make Sure The Blender Is Not Jamming

Another possible reason behind the blender not working can be jamming.

For this, you need to disassemble the drive, and after that, you need to turn the blade shaft.

If you think it is jammed, look out for the reasons for this.

One of the common causes is debris in the blender’s blade.

So, carefully remove the debris.

Or sometimes, you may need to replace the blender’s coupling.

Let The Machine Cool

If you are using the machine for a long time, around 10 minutes continuously, then it will overheat, and the motor will stop rotating.

Don’t panic at all, and let the blender cool down.

It will stop functioning normally after 20 to 30 minutes.

Well, if this issue happens quite frequently, then you can change the blender.

Consider all the points mentioned here and do a final check.

Now, plug in your blender and turn it on. The machine would work normally.

Vitamix Pulse not working is a common issue and can be caused by one of the factors mentioned above.

Well, if you think the issue can’t be fixed by yourself, then don’t take any risk and get in touch with the customer support team of Vitamix for assistance.




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