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Vitamix Blender Not Detecting Container?: Here’s a Fix!

Vitamix Not Detecting Container
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Have you been using the Vitamix Blender for all your kitchen recipes and drinks?

The Vitamix Blender is a great option to tap into for making juices, recipe purees, and thick shakes.

The Vitamix blender also has an automated detection mechanism that helps detect the container.

Usually, the Vitamix blender and the container go well together and work efficiently to create the tastiest blends.

However, sometimes, the blender does not detect the container and does not work.

In such cases, you may wonder why my Vitamix Not Detecting Container?

There are various reasons to occur this issue such as, the blender is not compatible with the container, blending an overly thick mixture, container may be overloaded, interlock is not properly set.

In this article, we will discuss the these causes of in detail and how to fix the issue for a smooth run.

Reasons For Vitamix Not Detecting Container

There are many causes to the Vitamix blender not detecting your container.

In the below segments, there are some of the main reasons behind the temporary malfunction.

The blender is not compatible with the container

The main reason for the blender not working with the container and failing to detect it, is you might be using a legacy container.

If you are using the classic technology container, it may not be compatible with the new age blenders with self-detecting containers.

Earlier, Vitamix used to make interchangeable containers that worked with every model of the blender.

However, the new models come with smart sensors that are only compatible with a certain model.

If you are using a smart system with an old blender or an old container with a smart blender, there will definitely be problems in the functioning, and the blender will not detect the container.

When blending an overly thick mixture

When blending a thick mixture like a thick milkshake, peanuts, or any other thick mixture, the thermal protector of the Vitamix blender motor sometimes overworks.

In such cases, the Vitamix blender stops working and does not detect the container.

This glitch is temporary and is designed to protect the blender from damage.

Sometimes the speed settings are also not optimal, which leads to overheating of the motor.

In such cases, there are some steps the user needs to follow to fix the issue.

The Vitamix blender motor is well designed and sturdy.

However, overuse can lead to overheating of the motor.

The user does not need to worry as there are ways to minimize the effect.

The container may be overloaded

The smart Vitamix blender is fitted with the Automatic Overload Protection, which prevents any occurrence of overheating for the blender due to more load than it is designed for.

If the user has put too much load in the container, the motor shuts off and does not recognize the container.

This mechanism is also made to protect the container and can be tackled with simple fixes.

The interlock is not properly set

The S30 blender from Vitamix has a smart interlock system that does not allow the machine to run if the container is not safely secured into the motor base.

The container base and the blender motor base have to be properly aligned to make the blender detect the container properly and work smoothly.

How to Fix Vitamix Not Detecting Container?

There are many fixes that the company suggests for fixing the detection issues faced by the container.

Here are the basic fixes that the company recommends.

Find the suitable container for your blender model

From the above section, it is concluded that not every type of container goes with every type of Vitamix blender.

For the classic containers, the classic models are best and can be used interchangeably with the classic range of Vitamix blenders.

Some of the classic Vitamix containers are Vitamix 64-oz Classic/Tall Containers.

The classic tall container is compatible with all the classic blender models or the C series of Vitamix blenders.

On the other hand, the Vitamix Container, 64oz. Low-Profile is compatible with all the G series blenders from the manufacturer.

The Vitamix Ascent Series Container, 64oz. Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT is compatible with the Vitamix Ascent series and Vitamix G series.

The blenders with self-detect features are compatible with smart, new generation Vitamix blenders that auto-detect the container via Bluetooth and auto adjust the blender settings for maximum productivity.

You can easily find the suitable container for your blender model from ecommerce stores such as the C series to the Ascent series, different containers are still available.

Fix the overheating issue

One of the primary causes of blender malfunction and container detection failure is overheating.

The Overload protection system of the smart Vitamix blender protects the motor from total failure.

In such cases, the user can switch off the blender and reset it.

The user can switch the blender off for 45 minutes.

This allows the blender motor to cool off so that it can again detect the container and start functioning.

If even after switching off, the motor does not cool down to the optimal temperature, the user needs to put through cold air through the bottom of the blender through the center section.

This process can be done with a hairdryer set on cool mode.

The user should also check the room temperature.

Sometimes, high room temperatures can cause a detection error from the blender side.

Thus, the user has to ensure that the room temperature is also under control and not on the higher side.

Sometimes, when processing heavier loads, the quantity of the ingredients should be lowered for the blender to detect the container.

The NFC system is not working

Every smart blender from the Vitamix blender range comes with NFC certificates and capabilities embedded.

The containers of the smart range also come with an NFC system.

If the NFC and Bluetooth capabilities do not work in the container or blender, you can replace them with new blenders or containers.

The new range of smart Vitamix blenders comes with an extended warranty period of 10 years.

Thus, even if you get a smart container that is not working properly without any peripheral issue to blame, the user can change the smart system within the warranty period.

When no other issue exists, the user can contact the customer support team for replacements.

What Does SELF-DETECT Mean on Vitamix? How Does it Work?

The Vitamix Ascent Series blenders and containers are featured with SELF-DETECT technology.

With this technology, your machine identified which container size you are using. It adjusts the program setting automatically also adjusts the maximum blend times.

For additional optimization of your blends, the SELF-DETECT container allows an added level of safety.

On models with such program settings, particular programs like hot soup are disabled for the (8- and 20-ounce) Blending Bowls and Blending Cups.

On models that don’t come up with program settings, the blender will shut off after 1:15 of blending in the 8- and 20-ounce containers.

The reason for this, they don’t have vented lids like the full-size containers do.

Vitamix Ascent Series blenders won’t start blending if the container isn’t sitting properly on the base.

It also won’t start if the detachable blade base for the smaller containers isn’t properly attached.

Are All Vitamix Containers Interchangeable? 

No, Vitamix containers are not interchangeable.

Earlier, they used to be interchangeable.

But newer Vitamix has grouped their blenders into different product lines.

After 2012, Vitamix containers are no longer interchangeable.

The Vitamix Ascent and Venturist, two classes come with a built-in NFC chip at the motor base and containers.

So, a container without the chip won’t be detected and the blender won’t turn on.

Each product line has its compatible containers.

Related Question

Can you use Vitamix dry container for blending wet ingredients?

Technically, yes, you can use Vitamix dry container for chopping wet ingredients and even making smoothies.

But you won’t get perfect and efficient results.

The main reasons are reverse vortex blending and the blunt blades.

Are all Vitamix containers the same?

The answer is Big NO!

Vitamix comes up with twelve different containers that you can use to get the most from your machine.

The wet blade container can handle liquid recipes and chopping tasks more efficiently.

Then, the dry blade container is especially for grinding grains and spice powders, i.e for processing dry ingredients.

What is the Different Between the 32-oz, 48-oz, and 64-oz Wet Containers?

If you are thinking that there is a difference in the 32-oz, 48-oz, and 64-oz Wet Containers in terms of blend quality or performance.

Then let me tell you, there is no difference in the blend quality or performance in theses Vitamix containers.

All the Vitamix containers are designed to help you get smooth, consistent results.

There is just a difference in size and style.

The 64-oz wet containers are perfect for blending medium to large batches. It is suitable for large families or making your blends in large batches for storage.

The smaller 32-oz and mid-sized 48-oz are suitable for blending small to medium batches.

It is ideal for small families and personal use.

Is the Aer disc container compatible with all Vitamix machines?

Yes, the Aer disc container is compatible with all Vitamix machines but except for a space saving Vitamix models.

So, you can consider buying the Aer disc container for your Vitamix blender unless you have a space-saving model.

Are the Vitamix blending cups and blending bowls compatible with the Ascent series?

If you purchased the Vitamix blending cups and blending bowls for or in the United States, then they are not compatible with Vitamix ascent series A2300i, A2500i, A3500i machines.

The Blending cups and blending bowls are designed especially for use with Vitamix Ascent series high-performance blender in the U.S. only.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the causes and fixes that Vitamix blenders and containers need from time to time.

This article is helpful in knowing about the probable problems in container connectivity and how to fix them easily.

Sometimes, you may need a slight adjustment in alignment; sometimes, you may need a replacement for the issue.




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