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How To Fix E4a Error Code on Frigidaire Dryer?

Frigidaire dryer error code e4a
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When appliances are overworked trouble ensues.

Sometimes, the issues are easy to fix while other times you will have to seek technical support.

With the Frigidaire dryer, error codes appear when components are malfunctioning.

More often the problem has to do with an overworked system.

Your Frigidaire dryer being overworked will lead to error codes appearing.

The Frigidaire dryer error code e4a indicates a cycle that ran longer than usual.

This can happen for several reasons, most of which center on restrictions.

Fixing this error within the dryer is a DIY task that most of us can perform.

If it seems like an overwhelming task, be sure to consult with credible local electricians.

What Does Mean E4a Error Code on Frigidaire Dryer?– Meaning

This error code implies problems with the cycle.

It refers to a program that has overrun its time.

The Frigidaire error code e4a appears when the vent is clogged.

This clogging can be due to several factors including dirt and other elements.

It means your dryer has finished its cycle and the clothes aren’t drying as they should.

It further implies running the dryer a bit longer; hence the dryer issues this error code.

Other components like the heater and thermostat can cause this to happen too.

In either of the above-mentioned cases, the causes and fixes are likely to require professional assistance.

Frigidaire Dryer Error Code E4a – Causes


When the Frigidaire dryer has vent issues, this error code is likely to appear.

It means there is excessive dirt, lint, or a small foreign object lodged in this vent.

This vent is likely to be clogged at its connection to the dryer, located at the rear area.

Also, it could mean clogging somewhere around the house.

The hose connecting this vent will have accumulated enough dirt for the dryer to be overworked.

This is a particularly easy problem to fix, and the steps are listed herein. 

Heating issues

If your heater has gone bad, the Frigidaire dryer error code e4a might be issued.

Chances are the error code appeared because it is taking longer to dry your load and this is due to a lack of adequate heating.

Fixing or replacing heating elements or heaters takes a little more expertise than a layman would have.

Diagnosing this as being the problem begins with noting a no-heat cycle.

If there is no heat within your drum, chances are the issue is the heater.


With a faulty thermostat come issues with sensing and controlling temperature within the dryer.

If one of the thermostats in your Frigidaire dryer goes bad, the unit might bring up this error code.

Thermostats are slightly harder to locate depending on the models.

They can be a tad difficult to locate for proper diagnosing if one is unfamiliar with the insides of their dryer.

However, knowing it is indeed a heating problem narrows down possible causes of the problem.


Sometimes error codes appear due to electrical surges.

These glitches in power send off the wrong signals and incorrect errors to the display panel.

It is easier to fix an electrical surge problem than other causes within the dryer.

The issue is checking that all components that might be compromised are checked.

If the power surges lead to damage to circuit boards, there is a chance of several components getting damaged.

Using a multimeter might not help entirely, and thus a professional technician would need to be sought. 

Blower blade

The fan responsible for regulating the heat within the dryer could be damaged.

This means the heat in the drums will exceed normal readings and optimal levels.

When a fan blade is loose or broken completely, it will malfunction.

This could be the underlying cause.

It also needs full access to the bottom of the dryer to check for damage or looseness.

The blower fan blade along with the moisture sensor developing problems could be the cause of this error code.

There are thus several reasons for the error code e4a appearing, none of which will be explainable from the outset.

Frigidaire Dryer Error Code E4a – Fixes

Check the hose

If you remove the vent hose, you can try running the dryer through another cycle.

If it operates accordingly then the issue is within the hose itself.

This would require thorough cleaning where it is connected at the back of the dryer and around the house.

This is also an easy DIY task and one that should be tried before seeking help.

It might be the easiest and most affordable approach to clearing the error code.

It would be a fix that does not require too many resources or replacement parts.

Sometimes, these hoses are connected improperly.

If the vent hose is kinked at some point, perhaps immediately at the back of the dryer, this could also be a problem.

Check for kinked hoses and remedy the issue immediately.


If this is faulty, you will temperature problems and a longer-running dryer.

Check the heater after opening the necessary panels.

Accessing the heater should only be done after the dryer is fully disconnected.

Sourcing a new heater can be done on credible sites online, or at your local electronic appliance store.

Once a heater is replaced the error codes should be no more.


This regulates the internal heat in the dryer’s drum and once faulty needs to be replaced.

There is a chance that the thermostat fried due to power glitches and such, or through basic wear and tear.

This should be replaced while the dryer is turned completely off.

If these components have become faulty, the unit will issue such an error code.

Replace the Blower fan

Replacing the blower fan blade should be an easy enough fix, once you manage to locate it.

This blade will likely be loose or broken and need replacing.

Buy it from well-known distributors to avoid a similar problem soon.

It could lead to unnecessary expenses if you purchase a generic or second-hand item.

Be sure to ensure the new one is connected properly and tightly too, otherwise, the same error code will reappear.


If the above seems a bit overwhelming at the beginning, it is better to try a quick reset before any repairs, or replacements.

Resetting your unit involves turning it off and letting it idle for a while.

Reconnect it to your power source and see if the problem recurs.

Sometimes, the issue could be somewhat connected to the electronic board and miscommunication.

This would also be due to power surges.

Resetting helps clear errors and will clear any running programs too.

It could save you lots of resources to know it was all a simple power glitch.

Bottom Line

The Frigidaire error code e4a appears for several reasons, and some may not be as easy to fix.

Some experts claim that a dryer installed with a solid door around it could have these heating issues too.

Others show that an electronic board failure could cause the error code to appear.

Incidentally, the chances of having to replace the entire dryer with a new one are less likely.

It is well-advised to clean out lint and debris in vents and hoses and try to reset the dryer before seeking repairs or replacement parts.




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