Frigidaire Washer and Dryer

Frigidaire Stackable Washer and Dryer Flashing Red Light? – Trouble Ahead?

Frigidaire Stackable Washer and Dryer Flashing Red Light
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Newer washing machines and dryers are springing up left, right, and center.

These units are perfectly suited for all things laundry, be you single or a full-fledged family.

With the stackable washer and dryer, one might experience slightly more complications but only due to workloads.

With the Frigidaire stackable washer and dryer flashing red light, there could be several issues.

Incidentally, the red light on this laundry center will blink nine times, and another light will take over a few more times.

This is an issue of the control board mainly and can be attributed to electrical issues or basic malfunction.

There are several causes and fixes to this problem, many of which are covered herein.

Frigidaire Stackable Washer and Dryer Flashing Red Light? – Causes

Control Board

The stacked Frigidaire laundry center boasts a few boards.

If the board on the dryer is showing a red light flashing, the problem could be with the bottom board too.

This is located behind the dryer and is responsible for communicating with the main front board.

This board is located next to the control panel.

Essentially, you might have a mismatch between the user interface (front panel) and the control board.


If you use dryer sheets they can sometimes get lodged in the vents.

This lint gets clogged up and the dryer cannot work properly.

The red light blinking could be a sign that the lint needs to be removed.

With lint removed, the light might still flash red.

This means there is plenty more clogging up the lint trap or surrounding the compressor where the slot is located.

There are steps to removing the trap and cleaning out all areas to rid them of debris and remnants.

User Interface

The problem might be with the user interface where users key in instructions for washer and dryer cycles.

If the interface is problematic, it means keys are stuck, or there are mixed signals.

This could cause the stackable washer and dryer to flash red light error codes.

A user interface might require extra expert consultation for diagnostics and repairs.

Loose wires

After running some maintenance procedures, wires occasionally become loose.

Also, the laundry center is a larger than normal household appliance.

The machines might have dislodged a few wires while agitating or during moves to a new location.

Loose wires cause signals to get crossed and can be infuriating.

Reconnecting these wires might not need a lot of work but locating them can be challenging.

Find someone with expertise in efficiently opening such components to avoid further damage to your stackable unit. 

Frigidaire Stackable Washer And Dryer Flashing Red Light – Fixes


The fastest way to know if you need further assistance, consultation or to replace parts is, to begin with, a reset.

Unplug the unit from power sources and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

This should bring the machine back to its default settings.

It also means any signals that were sent incorrectly will be reversed.

This step should be carried out with the unit still fully covered.

Do not unplug and re-plug the unit with panels open and wires left bare.

If the problem persists and the dryer keeps flashing red light, proceed with the steps below.

Loose Wires

After unplugging the unit and allowing it to sit for a while, open the necessary panels.

Examine wiring harnesses between the control board and the user interface panel.

If there are loose wires return them to a tight fitting.

This should be easy enough with the appropriate tools.

However, the laundry center is a larger unit to handle.

If such procedures seem daunting, consult a professional at your local appliance store.

It is also well-advised to seek help from accredited suppliers of Frigidaire stackable units.


The control board might be mismatched with the interface.

This needs proper diagnosing to find the root of the problem.

If the control board or boards have shorted out, they will need replacing.

It requires sourcing such parts from OEM suppliers preferably online.

If wiring harnesses are causing the problem they can be fixed or replaced immediately.

A control board however requires experts to remove and perform a proper installation.


As part of the laundry process of cleaning clothes, there is also a cleaning process of the dryer.

The Frigidaire stackable washer and dryer flashing red light might be a trap cleaning.

Remove the trap and check other slots around the compressor that lead to the lint trap.

If these have any stuff caught in them, you will need to remove all debris and fit parts properly.

Cleaning the machine should be done regularly, with a lint trap cleaned after no more than five cycles.

If heavier or more solid stuff keeps getting lodged in these traps, like coins, they could lead to irreversible damage to your washer/dryer.

Diagnostic Mode

Run the machine in diagnostic to fully diagnose the problem.

Methods of running it in service mode can be found in your user manual or tech sheet.

To guide you slowly into entering this mode, perform the following steps.

Turn the knob to rinse and spin cycle, and then press wash and cancel simultaneously.

This should enter the laundry center into service mode seamlessly.


Your user interface might need replacing too, but only if no parts seem faulty.

If the red light keeps blinking and all parts seem to be working properly, check the interface.

This houses the keys and lights that are blinking.

You could have a basic problem of stuck keys, or stuck lights that are misfiring.

This is particularly harder to diagnose and it requires expert advice.

Seek help from locals with proficiency.

Electrical Fluctuations

All problems leading to the Frigidaire stackable washer and dryer flashing red light revolve around power.

A large part of the issues centers on the control board, interface, and wiring.

It could be a problem of power surges or power output is too high.

This causes damage to any appliances within a home.

It is important to have surge protectors connected to the main power supply.

This handles all power fluctuations and prevents short circuits and fuses from blowing out.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Stackable Washing Machine?

1.Unplug the unit from the power source and allow it to idle for approximately ten minutes.

Be sure to unplug with no wires sticking out or panels left open.

Once the unit has been non-operational for about ten minutes, plug it back into the power source.

2. Restart the machine with no settings in play.

Do not begin with a rinse or spin cycle.

Simply let it fire up and check for any warning signs or blinking lights.

If the problem with the red light continues turn it off again.

Repeat the above steps and observe the lights checking if red lights appear again.

3. Other quick-fix methods include turning it off for one minute.

Thereafter, turn it back on and then proceed to lift the lid, and lower it approximately six times.

This should be performed in fewer than 12 seconds.

 Bottom Line

The Frigidaire stackable washer and dryer combo save time and might save you cash on purchase too.

This combo should make life easier.

With that being said, if laundry is becoming harder to handle with the stackable machine, it might be time for full-on maintenance.

Use the machine properly to avoid unnecessary repairs moving forward.




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