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How to Fix Electrolux Dryer Error Code f1?

Electrolux Dryer Error Code f1
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Modern appliances boast enough technology to facilitate an easier life, which is what they are made for.

The Electrolux dryer facilitates quick laundry tasks, in this case, drying of clothes, efficiently.

It saves you time and energy to be used elsewhere.

With time, these units might get faulty due to misuse, overuse, and basic wear and tear.

Some error codes are easier to diagnose and fix than others.

Electrolux machines are renowned for exceptional quality.

They are also affordable comparatively.

When the Electrolux error code f1 appears, it is likely related to venting problems along with a faulty thermistor.

The problem is easier to fix than you would think.

Be sure to seek the help of a professional electrician in case the task seems daunting.

What Does Mean f1 Error Code on Electrolux Dryer?

This error code signifies a vent issue and usually requires some simple fixes.

If the code persistently appears you might have to check for clogging and thermistor problems too.

Chances are the dryer won’t heat up and even with unplugging and reconnecting the dryer, the Electrolux dryer error code f1 might reappear.

It means other factors might be involved as well that is interfering with the proper transmission of signals.

These signals are sent to the control board regarding temperatures, faulty connections to parts like vents, and the like.

Fixing the problem requires a few DIY steps that are possible with limited tools.

Electrolux Dryer Error Code f1 – Causes

Lint Filter

When drying clothes with lots of lint the filter gets clogged up quite quickly.

The lint filter can also end up holding small foreign objects which in turn make it harder for adequate temperatures to be maintained.

Unlike a washing machine, the dryer uses heat and lots of hot air to dry clothes.

This inevitably draws more lint than a washer would.

It means the lint filter would pick up more lint, much faster than a washing machine.

The cause of the Electrolux dryer error code f1 could be related to a filter that can hold no more dirt or lint, and likely needs cleaning.

Exhaust screen

Again, with excess lint, there can be no adequate drying.

The Electrolux dryer error code f1 is likely to appear if the exhaust screen is full of lint.

This is enough to stop adequate temperatures within the dryer.

It is meant to deter small creatures from crawling into the dryer.

If the unit is compromised in the exhaust area there is a chance that the control board will pick up this error.

There is also a great chance that clothes will not dry optimally and repeat cycles will have to be performed.


If the thermistor is faulty there is a likelihood of this error popping up.

This device keeps the temperature within the dryer from rising too high, and if indeed it is faulty, the code might appear.

When the temperature in the drum rises, the thermistor’s resistance is lowered.

This is the function of the thermistor and its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

Additionally, diagnosing and fixing a thermistor issue might be a walk in the park.

It requires the help of professional electricians to avoid electrocutions and other hazards.

CCU Board

If the unit’s CCU is malfunctioning, this code might appear often.

For instance, if the dryer was turned off and another cycle programmed in, if the problem persists, the central control unit might be faulty.

This occurs when Electrolux owners try to reset their unit and the error code appears again.

Owners might follow through with cleaning and dusting exhausts and filters, only for the code to appear.

There could an issue with the control board reading or receiving the wrong signals.

It is also a problem that requires adequate diagnosing and troubleshooting, with the help of professionals.

Faulty wiring

When machines are moved around for mopping and cleaning purposes, or indeed when relocation is taking place, wires get disconnected.

This can happen too when shoddy work is performed during maintenance and repairs.

Faulty wires and electric short circuits can cause control boards to receive faulty information.

These faulty wires can also make you perform unnecessary repairs if not diagnosed properly.

It means seeking the help of professional Electrolux agents is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your unit.

The Electrolux dryer comes in varying models that might require tougher fixes than others.

These fixes need to be carried out by professionals to risk further damage to your Electrolux dryer.

Below are some fixes to the Electrolux dryer error code f1 that the owner can perform.

Electrolux Dryer Error Code f1 – Fixes


Clean out vents with a blow dryer of sorts, or a simple cloth will do too.

This should be enough to remove excess and unnecessary debris caught between the exhaust and ventilation.

Remove small creatures that might be stuck on the vent screen to avoid temperatures getting too low, or too high.

This is a simple DIY process that should be done with the family close by.

It can help in the future when the problem reappears and the owner isn’t around.

It should however be the sole responsibility of adults, not kids.

Clean /replace filter

After checking ventilation, clean out the filter or replace it if it’s malfunctioning.

This filter might not be easy to access and might require a few screws to be loosened to find and remove it.

A blocked filter on a dryer renders most of the cycles useless because the dryer won’t fully dry off clothes.

It might also increase utility bills and other maintenance costs inadvertently.

CCU fixes

Have an electrician run a multimeter check on the board to see if it’s malfunctioning.

This board controls and sends the right troubleshooting codes for various issues.

If it’s not working optimally, there will be errors as mentioned earlier.

Incidentally, there might be other error codes and malfunctioning areas due to the board being faulty.

Diagnosing the problem should be the task of an electrician, who might also suggestions for repairs or a control board replacement.


This is particularly harder to locate on dryers and also tougher to diagnose as the problem.

When the signs and symptoms of a failing thermistor arise it is best to seek professional help.

The thermistor and other electrical components require experts to fix them, or the problem will persist.

Further, the issue might be compounded meaning the Electrolux dryer error code f1 will be the least of your problems.

Faulty wiring

There could be loose wiring due to the moving and shaking of the dryer, or disconnected wires after shoddy electrical work.

This can be straightened out if an electrician removes panels and examines the interior.

Loose wiring can also cause short circuits and indeed could be another reason for a faulty control board.

Faulty wiring is an easy fix with simple reconnections and rewiring to be done.

It is when these wires have fried other components that the problem becomes expensive.

Seek professional help when rewiring your dryer and source OEM parts only, for immediate replacements.

How Do I Reset My Electrolux Dryer?

Before all else fails and usually before seeking the help of an electrician, there is one easy and quick fix to most dryer problems.

To reset the Electrolux dryer, perform the following steps.

1.Unplug the unit and let it sit for a few minutes before reconnecting it to the power supply.

Run another drying program and see if the problem persists.

The Electrolux dryer error code f1 should disappear after these reset.

2. If the problem persists, some Electrolux dryers offer a factory reset option.

3. Simply press the Temperature and dryness keys at the same time and the unit should revert to factory settings.

4. The above step to resetting the dryer machine should be done in only six seconds.

Pressing and holding these keys simultaneously doesn’t have to be a minute-long process.

5. If all these attempts to reset don’t bear fruit, you might need to take the unit to a repair shop for further diagnosis.

Bottom Line

Finding proper technicians to diagnose and fix Electrolux dryer error code f1 problems is important.

How one uses their dryer can also help prevent these problems from recurring.

However, with lint buildup on filters, it is harder to avoid such a code appearing.

It is more important to seek help from your local, professional washer and dryer agents to avoid further messes moving forward.






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