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How to Fix F35 Error Code on Kenmore Washer?

F35 Error Code Kenmore Washer
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 While using your Kenmore washing machine there might be instances of malfunctions.

If error codes pop up, these are merely warning signs that something is not right.

They might not be serious malfunctions needing parts to be replaced.

However, knowing what these error codes mean is essential to avoid further damage.

When an f35 error code Kenmore washer warning appears, it is mainly an issue with the water level sensor.

This could imply that the water level switch is out of order, or the control board is struggling with a signal.

This error code is nothing to fret about and there are several ways of diagnosing and fixing the problem.

The Meaning of f35 Error Code on Kenmore Washer

This error code implies something wrong with sensing water levels, along with possible issues with the pressure tube.

While it may not be a cause for concern regarding replacements, the sensors will keep acting up until a resolution is found.

When the main control board receives the wrong signals from the sensor, the f35 error code Kenmore washer pops up.

It requires resetting, and further diagnosis to ensure that it is merely a sensing issue.

Some owners reported the error code appearing when the tub had overfilled with soap.

Either way, water is involved when the f35 error code appears.

Here are a few causes related to this error code.

f35 Error Code Kenmore Washer – Causes


If the Kenmore washer is filled with too much soap, it creates extra suds.

These suds make it harder for the machine to rinse off clothes.

It also means the sensor will detect either too much water in use or extra soap.

When the suds error appears, it might pop up with the f35 error code Kenmore washer warning.

In this case, the pressure switch might have been compromised if the error doesn’t clear after you attempt to fix the problem.

Analog pressure switch

If this switch is compromised, the f35 error code Kenmore washer warning appears.

If the switch malfunctions, the unit will continue to fill up with water.

This essentially prompts the control board to issue the error code mentioned.

There are steps to checking this pressure switch and validating if it has malfunctioned.

Some owners claim to notice additional and unusual noises when this error code appears.

The noises could be from additional water flooding into the tub with no release.

The machine might likely continue operating until it leaks without the code appearing again.

This requires immediate washer servicing from credible agents.

Main Control Board

When the main board malfunctions, all sorts of errors appear.

Some homeowners experience a faulty board after replacing switches.

This occurs when switches are repaired or replaced and the code still appears.

It means the signals sent to the main control board are not correct.

Also, there is the likelihood that other errors appear with no apparent cause.

If the control board malfunctions, it is important to have it checked by a professional.

Replacing it may not be the best DIY project to engage in.

Air Pressure tube

This is located between the tub and the pressure sensor.

If the tube is compromised, the f35 error code Kenmore washer appears.

It requires opening up the machine and unscrewing a few parts to locate the tube.

If it has kinks or is loosely connected the sensor might detect a problem and issue the code.

The connection between the air pressure tube and the mentioned air pressure sensor needs to be solid.

Any signs of the connections coming loose could be the reason for the code.

This needs to be examined slowly and with professional help.

With that being said there are recommended f35 error code Kenmore washer fixes.

Try these steps with care and precision or seek help from accredited agents.

 Kenmore Washer F35 error Code– Fixes

Unplug the Washer

If the f35 error code Kenmore washer appears during a wash, wait for the cycle to end.

Once it is over, turn it off and unplug the machine from the socket.

Let it sit for a few minutes then plug it back into the power supply.

The error should disappear and the machine begins working properly again.

If, however, the warning still appears consider the steps to fixing it below.

Some might require that you seek the help of a credible technician.

Any electrical fixes need to be handled professionally to avoid possible shocks.

Examine the air pressure tube

This is located between the tub and the pressure sensor.

Remove the top panel of the washer by unscrewing the screws at the back.

This lets you locate the sensor, which will be connected to the air pressure tube.

Examine the connection between the tube and the sensor.

It should be connected tightly and with no looseness to it.

If need be, tighten the tube’s connections and examine for any kinks too.

This should solve the f35 error code Kenmore washer issue if other components are working properly.

If the pressure tube is functioning well and connected properly, proceed with the fixes below.

Air pressure sensor/switch

This needs to be checked using an ohm meter.

It is a procedure that likely needs professional help.

Checking this first will eliminate the chances of the control board or the pressure tube being the culprit.

Buy original parts from credible online sources to avoid replacements in the future or unnecessary repairs.

It also helps you avoid causing further error code problems if the parts are unoriginal.

Cleaning contacts

Wipe down the pressure switch with a cleaner recommended for electronic parts.

If the contacts are dirty for any reason, what the control board receives will be errors.

While this might be harder to diagnose as the problem, it eliminates all factors concerning the pressure tube and sensor switch.

Other parts like the elastic molding around these components can cause similar error codes.

If foreign objects are lodged between the contacts and the sensors, the f35 error code Kenmore washer can appear.

Such objects could be dirt, debris, stuff from clothing, and so forth.

Replace the motherboard

The CCU or central control unit only works with what it receives.

If signals are being put out as they should, and sensors are working properly consider a new board.

This can be justified when checking pressure switches and sensors prove futile.

Other parts like capacitors linked to the main board might be malfunctioning too.

Once you determine that indeed sensors are working appropriately, it might be time to seek a technician to diagnose the board.

This cannot be replaced as a DIY project but requires professional consultation.


If indeed suds are causing the problem, clean out the machine and run another cycle.

Be sure to add in only recommended amounts of soap.

Additionally, some sort should be used in fewer amounts as recommended.

Clean out the hoses too and check drain pumps for clogging, kinks, and the like.

It seems some machines may not post a sud error or will have one in conjunction with the f35 code.

Examine harnesses linked to the pumps and all things water-related.

Upon verifying that these are in order, move to attempt step 5 above.

How to Reset Kenmore Washer?

1.Let the machine finish any cycles if it already running.

Once the cycle is complete, move to unplug it from the wall.

2. Let the washer sit for a few minutes then plug it back into the wall.

This should remove any previous settings.

If the problem was a small electrical mishap everything will be reset.

3. Other experts suggest turning off the breakers.

This can be done on the unit itself or the main fuse.

However, this is essentially equal to simply unplugging the washer.

If, however, unplugging it doesn’t work, try turning the circuit breakers on and off to restore the machine to normalcy.

Bottom Line

An important factor to remember while resetting is not to force issues.

If the washer has been shut off and plugged back into the power source severally, stop it.

Do not keep removing it from the power source.

Additionally, this should be done when a cycle has ended and no clothes are in the washer.

Refrain from forcing cycles to stop and then resetting the machine.

Enjoy a longer-lasting Kenmore washer with regular maintenance and avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.



SOLVED: What is the error code F-35 – Kenmore Elite HE3 Washing Machine – iFixit


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