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Hurom HZ Slow Juicer Review

Hurom HZ slow juicer review
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There are a lot of slow juicers of different brands in the market out there but few of them are stand out from its competition. Hurom brand name is one of them. It is a popular brand in the line of slow juicers. If you are serious about your juicing, then Hurom HZ Slow juicer is best option to buy. This is a flagship juicer by Hurom helps you a lot by adding more fruits and veggies easily to your daily diet. So, it would be a great companion in your juicing journey.

More About Hurom Brand

Hurom company has been manufacturing juicers around since early 70’s. This is a well-known brand for cold press juicers only. They are selling their products over 85 countries worldwide. Hurom has been always coming with their new inventions in the juicers that minimize nutrition loss and preserve the freshness of juice and its rich flavor. It has patented slow squeezing technology to extract more out of the ingredients.

Overview Of Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

Hurom HZ juicer is vertical masticating slow juicer which is new flagship juicer by Hurom brand. It is equipped with the 43RPM motor to extract juice with maximum efficiency. Its patented slow squeezing technology retains the flavor, taste as well as the freshness of the juice. You can process all types of produce with this juicer either hard or soft. Now, you can easily make juices, baby food, ice-creams, homemade sauces, tofu, nut and soy milk, smoothies and much more your favorite recipes with having this versatile juicer. It comes with the 10 years warranty on motor and 2 years on the parts.

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Hurom HZ Slow Juicer Specification

Type Masticating Juicer
Dimension 8.1x 9.3x 16 inches
Size of Chute 2x 1.5inches
Weight 11.9Pounds
Motor 43RPM
Wattage 150W
Shelf Life of Juice 72 Hours
Noise level Low
Tofu press Yes
Ingredients to Juice Nuts, Fruits and Vegetables, Leafy greens
Noise level Low
Dishwasher safe No

Features Of Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

1.Powerful Motor

The Hurom HZ slow juicer comes with the 150W powerful motor that operates at 43RPM. This slow speed technology helps to prevent the oxidation and preserves the nutrition and taste of the juice. So, this silent AC motor is capable of maximum juice extraction efficiently.

 2.BPA-free parts

The parts of the juicer come in the contact with food are Bisphenol free plastic. This makes the juicer safe for daily use.

3. External pulp ejection system

The juicer has external pulp ejection system. It helps for a continuous juicing process.

4.Pulp control lever

You can control the texture of your juice with pulp control lever and strainer. You can make a juice with desired fiber and pulp with this juicer.

5.Patented slow squeezing technology

This Hurom juicer is equipped with patented slow squeezing technology. It operates very slow i.e. 43RPM which helps to prevent the heat and oxidation of the juice. It also preserves the nutrients and flavor of the juice. So, the final juice is rich in taste and nutrition having 72 hours longer shelf life.

6.LED indicator

This Hurom slow juicer is featured with LED indicator. It helps to show the status of the machine. This indicates that which process by the machine going on.

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How To Assemble Hurom HZ Slow Juicer?

The assembly of the Hurom HZ slow juicer is little tricky for a newbie. But after first and second use of the juicer, it would be easy for you. It will take less than 30 minutes

Following is the video that shows an assembly of the juicer. Take a look.

How To Clean Hurom HZ Slow Juicer?

You should Clean the juicer after every juicing session. It helps to prevent the residue becoming stickier. Cleaning becomes harder and time-consuming process if it will not clean as soon as juicing will have completed.

You can clean the juicer with following steps-

  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Take out the chamber set from the main body. Twist and open the hopper. Remove other parts to disassemble it.
  3. Wash the chamber set with cleaning brush and water.
  4. Open the control lever and juice cap to wash the chamber.
  5. Wipe down the body of the juicer with a damp cloth.
  6. The parts of the juicer are not dishwasher safe except augur screw. So, it is recommended to wash all detachable parts by hand with soap and warm water.

The Hurom HZ slow juicer comes with use -friendly self-cleaning system. You can also clean the internal parts of the juicer with an easy self-cleaning system. It allows for breeze in cleaning. Now, you don’t need to disassemble the juicer for cleaning between two juicing sessions. It helps a lot for the continuous juicing process. You have to follow simple steps given below for self-cleaning process-

  1. Close the juicer cap
  2. Turn on the juicer.
  3. Insert 2 cups of water into the hopper.

It will rinse the internal parts of the juicer. Then open the juicer cap and remove the water out.

Watch the video that shows how thoroughly clean the Hurom AA juicer which is similar to HZ series.


1.Compact and Elegant design

The Hurom HZ slow juicer comes with the modern, industrial but aesthetic design. It comes with sleek, compact and beautiful stainless-steel finish that looks elegant on your kitchen countertop. So, you don’t need to hide your juicer in a cabinet. The juicer has sleek stainless-steel housing that makes it durable too.

2.Quiet operation

Though the Hurom juicer fixed with a powerful motor, it operates quietly. The juicer generates very low noise during operation. So, now you can make your glass of juice early in the morning without disturbing others.

3.Durable build quality

The juicer has stainless steel housing which makes it durable and having hygienic anti-bacterial benefits. The augur and single strainer made from ULTEM plastic which is 8 times stronger than normal plastic. The ice-cream strainer made from BISEN plastic. The parts of the juicer come in the contact with the food are BPA free plastic. The motor of the juicer comes with 10-year long warranty and the parts having a 2-year warranty.

4.Easy cleaning

The juicer has user-friendly self-cleaning system to clean the juicer internally. You can clean the exterior of the juicer by simply wiping down with the damp cloth.


This Hurom juicer is a versatile appliance. The juicer comes with a coarse screen, homogenizing blank and a citrus squeezing attachment that makes it more versatile. You can make juicers from hard produce and soft produce. You can process fruits, cruciferous veggies, nuts, soya beans. It can be used for making purees, smoothies, sauces, tofu, baby food. The juicer also allows you to make ice-cream with help of chamber. This juicer can make much more recipes than you ever think of any juicer can do.

6.High and quality juice yield

As it uses slow masticating technology, produces a high amount of juice yield. Its low-speed augur squeezes the ingredients till the last drop. It works perfectly for hard produce, soft produce, citrus fruits, leafy greens and, wheatgrass.  It produces the smoother juice with little foam. The slow RPM prevents the heat and oxidation of juice that increases the life of juice. You can store juice up to 72 hours.


The juicer  has duplicate safety sensor. It allows the juicer to operate only if the chamber is assembled properly to the base. The device has also a built-in cooling system to prevent overheating issue. There are no any blades are used in the juicer so that it prevents accidental usage.

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1.Clogging issue

There is clogging issue arises with some ingredients. If the ingredients are not cut into small pieces, it may clog.


This is a certainly not an inexpensive juicer due to high price point. The versatility, juice yield and quality, pulp regulation and efficient extraction like this juicer found hardly in another juicer out there in the market. Due to the best optimization features, it worth the money.


Where to Buy Hurom HZ Slow Juicer?

Hurom HZ slow juicer review

You can find a Hurom HZ slow juicer at traditional retailers. You can also buy it online which is an easy and trouble-free mode of buying. There are various e-commerce websites like Amazon that offers this juicer at a discounted price. You can find the juicer with different color options. There is slight changes in the price of the products regularly as Amazon offers you products at most competitive prices. You can also compare the prices of other juicers on this website online. So, take benefits of the online offers and get it at a discounted price.

Watch the following video review of this juicer.

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Final Thoughts

Hurom HZ slow juicer is one of the best vertical masticating juicer offered by Hurom brand. It is the first brand that introduced the pulp lever to control the pulp in the juicer. The versatility of the juicer helps you cater your most of the culinary needs.

It is the best juicer to upgrade from your old entry level juicer. Though it is a high-end juicer, looking at the features and performance, it is the best bang for your bucks.