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Maytag Washer Lid Lock Blinking?- Here’re 7 Easy Fixes!

Maytag Washer Lid Lock Blinking
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If the Maytag washer seems to be winking at you, you likely need to fix a few issues.

The lid lock light could be blinking due to faulty electrical components or something less serious.

However, a lid lock blinking light should not be a matter of grave concern.

With a Maytag washer lid lock blinking there is the likelihood of the switch having problems.

Other issues might center on components directly connected to the switch, within the drum itself.

A Maytag washer lid lock is easy to find and replace if indeed that is the resolution.

Let’s check out a few causes of this and how to about fixing the problem.

Maytag Washer Lid Lock Blinking – Causes

Loose Switch

The lid lock switch could be faulty and require replacement.

This switch is housed internally and on the front part of the top-loader washing machine.

A lid switch can become faulty for any number of reasons, including simple aging.

All washing machine parts have lifespans and they will inevitably develop faults at some point.


Within the shell of the Maytag washer are an actuator and other components linked to the lid switch.

If the actuator is faulty the lid lock light will flash repeatedly.

This actuator is also easy to locate and needs one to unscrew side panels to reveal it.

This actuator works with the lid lock and the door itself.

If there is miscommunication between the lid lock, actuator, and the control panel the lid lock light will remain flashing.


If the light keeps flashing there could be something or a few things blocking the lock striker.

This interference might occur due to build-up along the switch or striker.

Any fine particles or tiny debris like lint or soaps can cause such interference.

The striker is a small item that sits within the lid lock.

It is easy to see how this can pick up lint or dirt and cause the lid lock light to keep flashing.

Lid Unlocked

If the lock hasn’t moved into a LOCKED position, the lid lock light will begin to flash.

This light should ordinarily go off once the machine has filled, and shut the lid to begin the wash cycle.

If for whatever reason the lid has not locked, or the machine reads that it remains unlocked, it will not wash clothes.

Spin and wash cycles begin only with the lid closed shut to prevent injury.

Lock Motor

The lock motor might not be operational and thus the lid lock won’t work.

This simple contraption works once the switch is activated and the lock is set into place.

This lock should kick in once the wash cycle is activated.

Other models will kick the lid lock into place automatically from the get-go.

Either way, the lock motor needs to function well or the lock will remain unlocked and the machine will continue flashing.

Control Board

The lid lock switch and all components therein work based on the functionality of the control board.

If at any time the CCU is faulty, components experience errors.

An error with the lid lock blinking is common if communication is wanting.

Once you shut the lid and water has filled the drum to optimal levels, the lid should lock.

When it doesn’t lock and there is no interference and the lock switch is intact, the central control unit could be the problem.

While the CCU controls everything within the machine, it is also an intricate piece of equipment.

This makes it imperative that only trained techs are sourced to diagnose and replace these items.

Power Surges

Your Maytag washer has a diagnostics system that works wonders to reveal problems within the unit.

The Maytag lid lock light blinking could reveal several issues within the machine.

It means the above are but only a handful of issues that might need looking into.

On that note, the light might blink due to power surges, and might be reading problems that are not there.

It means there might have been some misread or wrongly sent signals.

Maytag Washer Lid Lock Blinking – Fixes

Here are a few tried and proven to work methods for fixing the Maytag washer lid lock blinking issues.

Bypass the Switch

The lid lock switch can easily be tested if you put the machine into diagnostic mode.

Additionally, it is possible to bypass the lid switch and discover if it is indeed the problem.

This rewiring process is not that intricate and simply requires an additional alternating current switch.

The idea is to extend the wiring from inside the unit to the outside or bypass it entirely to see if the switch is the problem.

If it is the problem, replace it immediately to avoid having to go through the entire diagnostics procedures to pinpoint the issue.

Replace the Lid Lock Switch

Once you find out the lid lock switch is the problem, replace it immediately.

This switch is easily available online in accredited stores and can also be found at your local sears store.

If you determine the switch is the problem after performing a bypass, even better.

However, it is important not to rush to buy a new switch if you are not one hundred percent sure it is the problem.

This is because, as mentioned earlier, the lid lock switch can blink to signify several problems within the machine.

Clear Build Up

The lid lock striker and lid lock should remain completely unobstructed.

If there is any obstruction, clear it out immediately to stop the light from blinking.

This could be lint or other substances like thick detergents.

These are easy enough to clear out and don’t require too many tools or expert workmanship.

The best approach would be to clear this out when the machine is completely off.

This helps avoid any electrical shocks while handling areas close to wires and wires themselves.

Control Board

This needs proper diagnosing to ensure it is indeed faulty.

Finding out if the CCU is the problem requires expert consultation with local techs.

Simply concluding that the control board has problems because wires are intact is not enough.

With the lid lock light blinking and the problems being endless, it requires time to pinpoint the problem.

A control board is, however, easy to source and might not be as hard to replace.

Source one online or have a legit electrician point you to the appropriate local hardware store.

Lock Motor

Check the lock motor for actual movement and if it is indeed locking the lid.

This can be tested under diagnostic mode.

If the lid lock light is the only problem currently, it should be possible to put it into diagnostic mode.

Check the lock motor and replace it accordingly once it is concluded to be the problem.

It could also be one of several problems making it of utmost importance to run diagnostic mode.

Actuator replacement

This actuator is located at the bottom of the machine and is easy enough to locate.

If it has a problem it can also easily be diagnosed.

While turning the machine to diagnostic mode might point to this being the problem, observing is better.

Check to see if the actuator shows any movement and if not, that might be the problem.

Along with other possible problems with the Maytag washer, the actuator is more likely to be the problem and not the lid lock per se.

Run Diagnostics

The Maytag washer boasts an easy approach to running diagnostics and revealing different error codes.

These steps will get you to know if the machine needs more than just a lid switch replacement or a new actuator.

To enter diagnostics mode, follow the steps below.

1.Ensure that the Maytag washer is connected to the power source and the dial is set to NORMAL.

2. Move the dial or cycle selector one click to the left, three to the right, one to the left, and another click to the right.

3. At this point, the machine can be set to fully automatic diagnostic mode, manual mode, or display error codes.

4. Move the dial one click to the right to enter error code mode.

After entering this mode correctly, there is a sheet that comes along with the washer listing ways to decode the lights.

5. All lights are highlighted in the error codes sheet for easier decoding.

If you cannot decode them, it is best to seek a professional to help with the decoding.

Moving the cycle selector one click to the right, again, displays stored error codes.

Bottom Line

While the steps above might seem complicated, they are necessary to get to the nitty-gritty of the codes.

The problem, as mentioned earlier, might have nothing to do with the lid lock switch.

We’ve noted that the possibility of the Maytag washer lid lock blinking because of the switch is unlikely.

The light red flags numerous other possible problems with the washer which need immediate fixing.




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