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Is Your Vitamix Leaking Oil? 6 Reasons and 5 Easy Solutions!

Vitamix Leaking Oil
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There is no doubt that Vitamix offers superior quality blenders that can be used for both dry and wet ingredients.

But no blender is without any problems. After some time of use, they may start to leak.

If you are using your Vitamix to make smoothies or shakes, you can face a Vitamix leaking oil issue very soon.

A damaged lid or container can make your Vitamix blender leak oil.

Defective blade and gasket may be the culprit for leaking oil issue.

Sometimes, your Vitamix can leak from the bottom side.

You can eliminate such issues by replacing the damaged parts.

However, a proper understanding of the causes and fixes for leaking issues can help you a lot.

So, go through this article to explore more about this.

Why Is My Vitamix Leaking Oil? Here Are Possible Causes

Even though these machines are quite popular for their durability and power, there are some things that can make your blender leak.

If you want to fix the Vitamix leaking oil issue, first, you will have to understand the reasons.

So, let’s talk about that first before exploring the fixes. 

Some Age-Related Issues

Well, age-related issues can show up at some point as no machine is designed to last forever.

If your Vitamix blender is leaking black liquid or oil, then the issue may be related to the blender’s age.

In general, when you blend harder foods or soft foods, the leftovers may get in the internals, especially into the shaft and bearing.

With time, the trapped goods will gradually move down inside the machine.

New food will push out the old food, and you will see black liquid leaking under the blender.

If not fixed soon, this can cause more damage to your Vitamix blender.

Damaged Rubber Gasket

One of the first things that will get damaged or worn down in a Vitamix blender is its gasket.

In general, a gasket can be made of plastic or rubber, and you can’t fix it.

If you are using the machine regularly, then the gasket will damage very fast.

As they can’t be fixed, you can simply replace the damaged gasket with a new one to solve the Vitamix leaking oil issue.

Don’t worry; these parts are widely available and very cheap.

Gaskets are the consumable part.

How do you make sure that the blender gasket is causing the problem?

Well, if the leak is coming from the blender’s bottom part, then the gasket is damaged.

Don’t ignore this issue and replace it as soon as possible.

The Lid Is Not Tightened Properly

This is the easiest step to consider, so you should try out this option.

The loose lid problem is very common in blenders.

Try to properly tighten the blender’s lead and then try to open the lid again.

To make sure the lid is tight enough, you can check by moving the lid in reverse directions.

If the lid is not properly closed, the food inside the blender that is being blended will come out.

You should always keep in mind a simple rule, i.e., if there is a small opening through which air can travel, food can also come out from that opening.

Cracks on container

Most Vitamix users ignore container cracks, but this can be a major reason behind a leak in your blender.

Whenever people see a leak, they generally blame the leak on the internal parts.

But remember that the lid of the jar can be damaged.

The jar can develop a crack that can affect the jar’s structural integrity.

Well, you may not be able to notice the cracks if you empty the jar as soon as you blend the food.

If you leave the food inside the jar for a few minutes, you may detect a crack.

If the leak is coming from the top, then have a damaged jar.

The Blender’s Blade

This is another overlooked factor.

The blades plays are vital role in blending your food in the Vitamix.

When you blend, the blades connected to the jar are connected to the motor’s rotating head.

When you turn on the motor, it rotates the blades.

Even though the blades are watertight, sometimes, liquid particles can move into it, and they would become less effective in resisting the leakage.

If the blades are rotating very slowly or creating noise while functioning, then you should check the blade for any defects. 

Manufacturing defect

Apart from these causes, sometimes, manufacturing defects can also lead to Vitamix Leaking oil problems.

There may be some flaw that occurs during the manufacturing process that leads to oil leakage from your Vitamix blender.

After understanding the causes, now you might be wondering how to fix it.

Keep reading to explore the possible fixes. 

Vitamix Leaking Oil? Some Fixes to Try Out!

Vitamix leaking oil is a common problem in all Vitamix models, but there is nothing to worry about as you can fix this at your home.

All you need to do is try out the fixes mentioned here to get it done. Some effective fixes are:

Keep The Gasket Clean

Once you are done with using the blender, clean the gasket using a soft sponge and a cleaning solution.

It is crucial to keep the gasket clean, eliminating any unwanted particles.

However, don’t clean it using a dishwashing machine.

The experts suggest washing the gasket once a week.

Well, if you think the gasket is severely damaged you can’t repair it, then you should replace the gasket.

These are very affordable.

Replace The Cracked Jar

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If the jar has been damaged or cracked, then it will be better for you not to fix it.


As the structural integrity of the jar has been compromised, every fix you try will be temporary.

For example, if you use a tape, it will fall off after some time.

So, to prevent leaking issues caused by a cracked jar, you should buy a new jar that will work perfectly with your Vitamix model.

The Vitamix jars are designed to be durable and don’t generally crack under regular wear and tear.

But use them carefully and don’t drop or knock them.

Keep The Machine’s Rotating Blade Area Clean

If the machine’s blade is creating sounds or rotating slowly, then it’s time to clean the compartment.

Well, some blender models of Vitamix will not allow removing the blade, but you can clean the area using a toothbrush.

Besides, you also need to clean the bearings that help the blades to rotate smoothly.

Don’t Completely Fill The Jar

While blending, you should not completely or overfill the jar.

When you blend, the process will create pressure in the jar, and to handle the amount of pressure; there should be a little bit of space in the jar.

Every jar you will get with your Vitamix blender comes with a recommended indicator.

Follow that and use that amount of food in your jar.

Make Sure All The Parts Are Properly Fitted

Sometimes, even though the container is in good condition, you can still face the issue.

For example, the lid may not be fitted properly, or liquid may escape through an air hole.

So, before using the machine, make sure all the things are seated properly.

Interlock the jar with the motor area in the right way and make sure it is not shaking.

Vitamix leaking oil can be fixed easily.

The company always manufactures blenders by considering different common issues that can occur while using the machine.

If something goes wrong, you can simply replace it on your own without spending a lot of money.

However, if your blender is leaking from the bottom, then this can be a costly leak, and you may need to buy a new machine if the power base is leaking.

Related Questions

How can you tell if your machine is under warranty?

You can contact customer support of Vitamix to find out warranty. There is a serial number located on the back or bottom of the machine’s motor base, under the bar code.

Does Vitamix have a lifetime warranty?

Vitamix is one of the durable blenders with full warranty that covers all parts, performance and labor.

If any part of your Vitamix needs to be repaired or replaced during that warranty time, they will take care of it at no charge, including two-way shipping.

The length of your machine’s warranty totally depends on the model you select.

Vitamix also provided an extended warranty to further protect this lifetime investment.

Final Thoughts

So, if your Vitamix blender is leaking oil, you can fix the issue easily.

Before trying out the fixes, you should identify the real cause behind the leak.

But always prefer to clean the machine properly after every use to lower the chances of developing leakage issues in Vitamix blenders.

Some models are not easy to clean, and you may not be able to fix the issue at your home.

In such a case, it is advisable to get in touch with the customer support team of Vitamix for necessary solutions.

If the blender is under warranty, then you should contact the shop or the manufacturer to fix it for free or to get a new Vitamix blender.

Happy Blending!!!


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