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Facing Vitamix E31 Error Code? Find Quick Solutions!

Vitamix E31 Error Code
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Vitamix is designed and developed to provide the users with unmatched reliability as well as commercial-grade performance.

But sometimes, you can face the Vitamix e31 error code while using the machine, and it will stop functioning abruptly. 

When it happens, the thermal override will turn the motor off to keep the motor safe.

Once the motor of the blender cools, you can run the machine as usual.

Well, this may not be a big issue, but to keep your Vitamix running for a long time, you should try to avoid this problem.

Keep reading to explore more about this issue and how to troubleshoot your Vitamix.

What Does Mean E31 Error Code on Vitamix?

If you are using a Venturist and Ascent model of Vitamix, then you can encounter Vitamix Error Code E31.

And this generally happens due to the activation of thermal override.

When it happens, you will not be able to run the machine for around 20 to 50 minutes.

Well, overheating is a common problem in all blenders.

Understanding the Causes of Vitamix E31 Error Code!

As mentioned above, overheating is a common problem in all blenders.

However, it is not possible to identify a specific reason behind this.

But there are some common reasons and situations that can make your Vitamix get overheated.

Before exploring the solutions for the Vitamix e31 error code, let’s know the top four possible reasons behind this.

Motor Is Small for The Application

You should always make sure that the blender model you are using has been perfectly designed for the application, duty cycle, and environment under which it will be functioning.

In general, such blenders are created to blend light foods.

Blending super thick foods will make the motor overheat.

The harder the blender’s motor functions, the more it will heat as it will use more amount of electric current.

On the other hand, when different parts are worn and broken, the motor will face a lot of stress.

When it gets overworked, it will heat up, and you will see the Vitamix e31 error code.

If the motor is dealing with stress for a long time, then it may be completely broken.

Replacing broken couplers, seals, or blade wounds helps you stop damages already done.

Higher Ambient Temperatures

If you are using your Vitamix blender in a warm environment that it is appropriate for, it will overheat.

The temperature of the environment will make the motor heat up quickly.

Besides, the motor will take more time to cool down.

That’s why most of the experts suggest properly checking the motor’s insulation class.

Damaged Coupler

You all know that couplers are one of the most crucial parts of the blenders.

These are the parts where you need to lock the jar before you can start blending.

A coupler generally sits on top of the blender’s base.

Couplers are generally made of rubber or plastic material, so with time, they can get damaged.

They would crack and can become under extreme conditions.

Well, most of the couplers are designed as a fail-safe.

When a blender’s part is overloaded, the couplers will stop functioning.

Running the Blender Continuously

Every Vitamix user should remember that they should run the blenders that are rated for light application at or below their preferred duty cycle.

To keep the motor of the blender at its desired rated performance level, you need to let it cool for some time between the cycles.

If you are running the blender more frequently or continuously for more than 10 minutes, the motor will be warm and will get hotter with every cycle.

In the end, you will deal with an overheated motor.

Is there any way to eliminate such an issue or to prevent your Vitamix from showing error code e31?

Have a look at the below-given section to get your answer.

Fixes for Vitamix E31 Error Code

The overheated motor will immediately bring your Vitamix to a screeching halt.

If you continue to have problems with the motor overheating and you have already checked the reason mentioned above, then you can contact the manufacturer of the product to troubleshoot the Vitamix e31 error code.

However, sometimes you can fix the issue on your own just by following some easy solutions or fixes.

So, here are some easy-to-do fixes that you can try to fix the error code.

Stop Your Blender Immediately

This is the first thing that you should do if you encounter an e31 error code.

Let the motor cool at least for 15 to 20 minutes, and then you can try running the machine again.

If it arises again, then you can try to lower the quantity.

And don’t use the blender for more than two to four minutes continuously.

This way, you can prevent overheating.

Always prefer to blend hard food items in portions to lower the load on the motor.

Properly Check Washer and Rubber Gasket

All the Vitamix models come with a rubber gasket, also called the washer.

Gasket keeps the motor protected from the liquid and other elements from affecting the motor.

But after multiple uses, the gasket gets broken or rotten.

As a result, the liquid may get inside the motor, damaging your motor.

So, properly check the washer and if it is damaged, then replace it with a new one.

Layer the Items Correctly

While using Vitamix, you need to understand which food items or ingredients you should layer first.

Begin with soft ingredients first, and then use hard stuff.

For example, first, use soft fruits, then leafy greens, frozen fruits, and in the end, you can add nuts and seeds.

Your machine will work properly without getting overheated very soon when you layer the ingredients properly.

Use the Tamper

While using butter and creams, you should use a tamper.

This is something that makes the blender unique.

Using a tamper, you can guide the ingredients gently into the blades.

As a result, the motor will process the items swiftly.

Some users may think that a tamper is not necessary at all.

But using this, you can prevent overwork of the motor.

An overworked motor will overheat and shut itself off.

Besides, this can also reduce the lifespan of the motor.

So, prefer to use a tamper.

Related Questions

How many watts are Vitamix blenders?

The Vitamix Blenders range from 800 watts on the personal size blenders.

The higher-end and commercial models are come up with 4.2 horsepower.

Can you put boiling water into Vitamix?

If you have a Vitamix Ascent Series blender then you can put hot water into Vitamix.

But there is a certain temperature limit. The Vitamix ascent series blender is capable of heating soups to a steamy temperature of 170°F.

But Vitamix does not recommend adding anything to Vitamix container that exceeds that temperature.

Final Thoughts

It may be noted that most Vitamix models come with an advanced automatic overload protection feature to keep the motor protected from overheating.

So, you don’t have to worry much when you face the Vitamix e31 error code.

But it is advisable to power off the machine for around 30 to 40 minutes so that the machine can reset or cool down.

And prefer to perform a cleaning cycle to keep the machine clean.

It is advisable to buy the right Vitamix model for the right application.

Always check the voltage, performance, and size of the blender will meet your specific requirement.

You can also talk to the customer support team to find the right model for you.



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