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Electrolux Dryer Error Code e65 – Limited Flow

Electrolux Dryer Error Code e65
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With all washing machines and dryers are a few glitches that might need expert fixes.

These may not always end up in replacing parts, but they inevitably lead to additional problems if not handled immediately.

The best part of your Electrolux dryer is in the diagnostics.

Most have modern control boards and troubleshooting guides for easier fixes.

When an Electrolux dryer error code e65 appears, there is likely to be an issue of restricted airflow.

This translates to circuit breakers or the thermostat tripping and the error appears.

When a dryer exhibits such issues and the error code appears, there are easy steps to fixing the problem.

Electrolux Dryer Error Code e65 – Meaning

When the Electrolux dryer error code e65 appears, it is likely due to your thermostat tripping.

It means the count might be too high and there are restrictions within the ventilation system.

Other factors like the manifold might come into play, especially when you need to access the vents.

The Electrolux dryer has a blower which is likely to stop working immediately after the machine senses this problem.

Lint traps and other components working with unrestricted airflow are likely to be affected when airflow is compromised.

If the heat gets too much within the drum, an Electrolux dryer error code e65 will appear.

Electrolux Dryer Error Code e65 – Causes

Excess lint

When the lint trap is compromised there will be less airflow as the dryer attempts to dry off clothes.

This lint comes from clothes and particularly high-fiber count cotton and such attire.

When the lint accumulation gets too much it also restricts airflow and air distribution is compromised.

Chances are it is only lint but other small foreign objects could be restricting airflow too.

The best part of this problem is that it is an easy DIY task.

No need to call for help to check and fix a lint-loaded trap issue.

Thermostat trip

This happens due to there being restricted airflow.

When this happens, the temperatures within the drum reach unusual levels, perhaps threatening the quality of clothes and the optimal performance of the machine.

This thermostat trips to avoid damage to other parts of the dryer.

For example, if the temperatures aren’t optimal, the blow might become non-operational.

It will not malfunction, only that it shuts down due to the restricted flow of air and unusual temperatures.

If the above-mentioned aren’t causes of the Electrolux dryer error code e65 appearing, below are other possible causes of this happening.

Vent restriction

Check the ventilation system within the dryer to see if it is clean.

The checks will start with the vents around the bottom and most likely at the back of the dryer.

Restrictions could be anything from dirt, grime, small creatures that got caught in the system, and other foreign objects.

Between this and the thermostat trip mentioned above, these are likely to be the main causes for this error code to appear.

Other factors related to the ventilation system include the exhaust vent system.

These are all connected regarding the proper flow of air within your Electrolux dryer.

Electronic board

This component develops issues with time, some of which may not always be easy to correct.

If the above issues are not causing the error code to appear, you might consider replacing the electronic board.

This is because it is responsible for relaying messages, or codes, to the display panel.

If the codes appear and the diagnostics steps above aren’t working, then the board has a problem.

As is the case with most electronic issues, this requires experts to troubleshoot and possibly replace the part.

Sourcing this electronic board should be done on a credible platform.

Try online spots offering OEM parts or local stores dealing in brand-name dryers.

Power Glitches

Some Electrolux dryer owners manage to run through the troubleshooting steps above to no avail.

The issue with power surges is that sometimes there is miscommunication between electronic boards.

When power glitches arise, there might be instances of the wrong signals being sent to the control panel and display.

There could also be problems arising that lead to short-circuiting.

These are not too hard to handle with the right tools and tips.

If the fixes seem a bit confusing, be sure to seek help from credible electricians.

Anything related to electric components could lead to further damage, if not handled professionally.

Electrolux Dryer Error Code e65 – Fixes


Fix the power problems with a simple reset.

The fastest way to perform a reset is to unplug your dryer.

After a few minutes try connecting it back to the power source.

This should remove all previous settings and programs.

Once you reconnect it to electricity, the error codes should not appear again.

If the issue was indeed a power surge, no more errors will pop up.

If, however, the problem was something else, proceed with the fixes listed below.

Many of the steps mentioned below might require some handy tools like screwdrivers but nothing fancy.

Clean ventilation

If the ventilation of the dryer is dirty you should clean it out thoroughly.

Use water, a rag, and a vacuum cleaner, if possible, to remove debris from the system.

Anything from small creatures to foreign can get lodged within the vents.

All alarms should go off if the ventilation is clean.

Additionally, it should be cleaned only if the dryer has been completely turned off from the wall, and no current is running through the dryer.

Clean ventilation means no airflow is restricted within the drum.

This means there should be other reasons for the Electrolux dryer error code e65 appearing, unrelated to the vents.

Thermal limiter

If the thermal limiter developed an issue, the error code would appear too.

This happens when the temperatures reach high levels, as mentioned above.

With airflow restricted, the thermal limiter might trip.

Therefore, replacing it might be necessary if it ended up being blown out.

This might not be as hard to replace depending on the model of the dryer, and your expertise.

Finding a seasoned electrician is important to avoid additional damage to the dryer.

It also helps with any personal injury that might occur if the task is handled carelessly.


Replace the thermostat if it has blown out after tripping.

This happens when the loads are too much for breakers to handle.

This is another component requiring professional help for proper diagnosing.

The electronic board may not show that the high-limit thermostat needs to go.

This can only be diagnosed by professionals, although replacing it might be a DIY task worth trying.

If there is no continuity within the thermostat, it needs replacing.

Electronic board

When the above steps have been carried out to check the causes, and nothing bore fruit, the board has issues.

This needs to be replaced using professionals and with the right parts.

Simply visiting your local store is not enough.

If you feel savvy enough, try replacing it yourself.

After the dryer is completely disconnected, remove all necessary panels, usually the sides to pull off the top.

Find the electronic board and its connections to the display pane.

Once you allocate the right wires, disconnect and replace the component accordingly.

Bottom Line

Electrical fixes should be done professionally.

Now you know how to fix Electrolux dryer error code e65.

If the Electrolux dryer error code e65 needs parts to be replaced, seeking a vetted electrician is a well-advised approach.





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