Electrolux Dryer Settings- Complete Guide

Electrolux Dryer Settings
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y The Electrolux unit under your possession is meant to make life profoundly easier.

An Electrolux washing machine might boast slightly more intricate settings, but your dryer should be easier to operate.

However, newer machines might still boast complex settings, even in a dryer.

An Electrolux dryer setting for loads varies according to size, wetness, and perhaps material.

In most cases, folks use the same settings repeatedly due to the same dry loads.

However, it is important to learn the different settings to avoid damage.

For instance, silk clothing would not require the same intensity, or settings, as wool or leather.

Electrolux Dryer Setting

There are a few basic dryer settings found on most dryers.

These are common on Electrolux and other home-use machines too.

They are automatic drying, regular or heavy drying, drying delicate clothing, permanent press, and air fluff along with wrinkle shield.

These are mostly self-explanatory, but with newer Electrolux models, there may be slight variations.

The following are Electrolux dryer settings more common in the 500 and 600 series.


This setting is available on the 500 and 600 series.

Essentially, some clothes might cause allergic problems in kids and adults.

Also, allergic reactions may occur as a rest of clothes being placed in a dryer.

When you select the allergen setting, either through a dial or button, depending on the model, allergens are reduced.

This setting is not used when delicate items are in order.


This setting speaks for itself, and it is available on 300 and 400 series and models.

The idea is to throw in heavier items like duvets, blankets, and perhaps jackets.

With bulky settings, it means there will be higher temperatures and likely longer settings.

When the bulky setting is engaged, be sure to remove any delicate items.

Such items would include satin, silk, polyester, or light cotton clothing.


This is also known as eco-friendly drying and can be your everyday dryer setting.

It essentially should be used for everyday clothing like cotton tees, shorts, trousers, and shirts.

Additionally, this setting works well for linen and bed sheets along with light sheers.

Other options linked to normal dryer settings include dry boost.


For the gym-goer in all of us, some units boast an active-wear setting.

This is available on the 500 and 600 series.

It allows fast, convenient, and safe drying of elastic fabrics, light material, synthetic, and athletic wear.

It might work for polyester and satin but not silk material.


Owners of the 500 and 600 models will enjoy a mixed load setting.

You can throw in assorted loads and not worry about overheating and other similar messes.

This mixed load setting, however, may not include rugged clothing being mixed with satin sheets.

It dries clothes of similar consistency and weight, like light to heavy cotton, or a load of cotton, linen, and athletic wear.

It still requires judgment on your part as to which clothes are similar in weight.


The 300, 500, and 600 models have a setting for drying large amounts of towels.

This is essential particularly so because towels need higher temperatures and longer duration.

For the towel settings, you need not worry about material as the majority of towels boast the same consistency.

Air Dry

This uses no heat and instead sucks in air to dry out clothes in a short time.

It is available on newer models like the 600 series and is applicable for smaller items.

The idea is to get items dry in as little time as possible, allowing clothes to come out wrinkle-free.


For those knitted fabrics and other lightweight and delicate clothes, this setting applies.

It is one of the rarely used settings because most delicate clothes are washed under normal dryer settings.

However, it is ill-advised to wash satin and such delicate pieces with cotton.

It causes damage to such light clothing, hence the application of this setting.

Electrolux Dryer Setting – Cycles


You can select the temperature setting you desire with this button.

Simply tap on the desired heat for optimal temperatures.

Even with specific programs selected, you might still need to adjust temperatures accordingly.


This setting facilitates the removal of hazardous bacteria from your clothing.

It is present on the 400 through to 600 models and needs keenness before being applied.

You should check the tags or labels on their clothing before applying this setting.

It could lead to irreparable damage to clothes if applied to the wrong clothes.


Apply this when dealing when regular cotton clothing.

It is also applicable on slightly more rugged clothing like shorts and perhaps khakis.


This setting applies to drying with no heat and simply using air.

Essentially, you can apply this Electrolux dryer setting for down-duvets, foam, and other rubber-type materials.

It is a special setting found on specific models only.

Dry Level

One can select the level of dryness they wish to apply based on hanging, or how damp clothes are.

You can choose between low, normal, and high, and on specific models, one can even choose damp settings.

The last option means one seeks to dry clothes slightly, then remove and hang them thereafter.

How Do I Change the Dry Time on My Electrolux Dryer?

The most common Electrolux dryer setting, for dry time, is easy to apply.

Simply press the Dry Time button and select the desired duration.

For example, on the A21428301 model, the dry time option varies from 30 minutes to 75 minutes.

If you need more time, the same model offers an auto setting when it comes to dry time.

It will dry the clothes accordingly, based on wetness and desired level of dryness.

Most units offer suggestions on which temperatures to apply for any particular cycle.

If the temperatures don’t seem fitting, it could mean you are attempting to use too much heat.

For instance, silky clothes might require air drying or lower heat.

Applying higher temperatures greatly diminishes the quality of clothes.

Electrolux Dryer Warranty Period

The minimum warranty period for Electrolux dryers is 1 year.

This covers the full repair of units, including front loaders and other laundry appliances.

For drums and tubs, there is a 10-year motor warranty and a lifetime tub warranty.

These are all limited to terms and conditions, and of course, depend on geographical location.

Other features of this warranty and warranty period include home repairs, faster access to OEM parts, a new machine if necessary, and of course money-back policy.

Bottom Line

Your Electrolux dryer settings offer functionality that is meant to ease the laundry process, thus making chores easier.

If chores are getting harder and laundry is taking longer, you might need to recheck settings.

Alternatively, simply use mixed fabrics settings to dry clothes simultaneously.







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