Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping?- Find Here 6 Solutions!

Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping
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 If your Electrolux dryer keeps stopping during a cycle, it might not be a simple fix.

However, it may not be a major cause for concern either.

An Electrolux dryer stopping and going, or simply stopping could happen after years of usage or even misuse of the machine.

Essentially, an Electrolux dryer keeps stopping due to mechanical failure, electronic board issues, and possible load capacity issues.

If the dryer keeps stopping after only a few seconds, there might be a bigger control problem.

All matters centering on the replacement of electrical parts should be handled professionally.

Seek renowned technicians to perform necessary repairs and replacements.

Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping – Causes


Loads are meant to be moist, or wet, for the dryer to operate.

It means if the sensors within the drum detect clothes that are not moist enough; it is likely the machine will go off.

Ideally, it is meant to be a safety precaution while also being a way to conserve energy.

There is no reason for the Electrolux dryer to keep operating with little to no clothes inside.

Newer machines will have better sensors to quickly shut off the unit.

Others may take longer, approximately a few minutes, to stop the cycle.

Dryer Motor is too Hot

Perhaps you’ve had excess loads after rugby and soccer games and have been operating the machine for hours.

If the dryer hasn’t had much time to idle and cool off, the dryer motor will overheat.

This is perhaps the most common reason an Electrolux dryer keeps stopping.

When the motor gets too hot, any forced attempt to make it work will cause irreparable damage to the unit.

An overheating dryer motor that shuts off a dryer is a safety feature and one that most modern-day dryers have.

Door Latch Faulty

If the door latch is faulty, the machine is bound to stop as a safety feature.

This safety mechanism ensures that clothes don’t fall off the machine.

Also, if the door doesn’t shut properly yet the dryer continued working, it would be a waste.

It means the machine would continue pushing hot air to dry clothes, while air from inside seeps in.

Thus, a faulty door latch or damaged door switch prompts the control board to shut down the program.

A solution to the door latch faulty problem is easy and is listed herein.

Broken Belt

Ideally, if the drum belt is broken the drum won’t spin.

Spinning is essential for the clothes to dry and only happens if the drum can be spun.

This spinning won’t happen if a belt becomes worn out, or broken.

The drum won’t budge and it is usually an easy fix if one can open the drum to examine the problem.

Whether the control board sends the right signals or not becomes irrelevant if the belt isn’t working.

Broken Pulley

These are all connected to the belt and other parts responsible for spinning the drum.

If the pulley is broken the belt is rendered useless.

Also, the control board may not send the right signals for one reason or another.

Thus, a broken pulley might be the reason the Electrolux dryer keeps stopping.

The reason a pulley might be broken could be due to wear and tear.

Non-essential moving or unprofessional movers can render drums useless overnight.

Control panel

When the control panel develops issues, signals sent to motors and other components turn out to be useless.

It means even with all components working properly, the control panel could wreak havoc within the unit.

The control panel having issues might be due to past electrical issues like power surges, or simply aging.

It is harder to diagnose if the electronic board has developed problems.

However, if other programs don’t seem to be input properly or there is erratic behavior, the control panel might need troubleshooting.

Electrolux Dryer Keeps Stopping – Fixes


Begin with the most basic approach to fixing this problem.

Unplug your Electrolux dryer from its power source.

Let it idle for a few minutes and then proceed to plug it back into the power source.

Try running another dryer session again and check for problems.

If the problem persists, you can unplug it and reconnect it again.

Once the unit is unplugged it reverts to default settings.

All programs are null and void and you can input a new program.

This should solve the issue in case there were interruptions in electricity.

Control Panel

Along with the solution above is a replacement of the control panel.

Once the electricity issue has been resolved or ruled out, the control panel is next.

Have a technician ensure that the panel is indeed intact.

It means all other programs will be working, and there will be continuity as far as ohms are concerned.

If the unit needs replacing, you should source one from an accredited source.

A faulty control panel means most other programs won’t work either.

However, the keys could be stuck too.

This happens when you input a program only to realize the buttons pressed were inputting different commands.

Rest the Motor

Rest the motor and try the programs again to see if they work.

If the motor has overheated and is blown, you will need to replace it.

This requires removing the top and possibly the side panels too.

Once these are off, you can grab the idler pulleys and proceed to pull the drum away from the housing.

Locate the motor and its wiring, and then proceed to remove it gently.

You can then replace the motor with the new one, and reverse the steps to secure the panels.

These steps might be overwhelming without the right tools, time, or know-how.

Seek help from professional technicians to avoid damaging the unit.

Replace Door Latch/Switch

A faulty door latch means the dryer reads the door as still being open or it is indeed open.

The door latch and its switch are meant to prevent stuff from falling out of the machine.

Sensors let the control board know the door is ajar.

If the door switch is faulty, replacing it is easy.

All you need is to remove the door from its hinges and located the latch.

Using screwdrivers you can perform this task in a few minutes.

After sourcing the correct part, using the right part numbers, place the new latch in place.

The machine should read the door as latched, and the Electrolux dryer shouldn’t stop anymore.

Replace Pulleys

Replace pulleys using the right tools, and the right approach.

Use the tech sheet found inside most dryers to operate.

Remove panels accordingly and locate the pulleys next to the motor, beneath the drum.

Remove the appropriate screws and slide the drum over to locate the pulley screws.

Removing and replacing pulleys is no walk in the park.

It is well-advised to seek professional help to source, and install the new pulley.


This is one for the professionals as most of these sensors need testing.

For starters, they are likely located at the back of Electrolux dryers, underneath the panels.

Testing these sensors requires a multimeter and other such tools.

It might require you to replace one or all of them for the unit to operate optimally.

Sourcing the right sensors is important to avoid buying used or counterfeit parts.

Anything other than OEM parts can only lead to heartache and disappointment moving forward.

Bottom Line

Regular maintenance of your Electrolux dryer is an essential part of ensuring longevity.

If the unit develops such problems, they are likely to be unavoidable.

What is important is seeking professionals to diagnose problems.

Finding the right parts is also crucial to avoid wasting resources in the future.

Your Electrolux dryer stopping should not be a recurring problem.

If it is, consider having a thorough, professional check of your unit.


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