Electrolux Dryer Error Code e91: Fix Communication Error With These 6 Easy Solutions!

Electrolux Dryer Error Code e91
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 When your Electrolux dryer starts issuing error codes, it is time for servicing.

Some error codes are linked to basic and easy-to-fix stuff.

If you’ve had your unit for a couple of years, rest assured aging has become a factor.

With some owners misusing their units, it is no surprise to have such error codes popping up.

Assuming your unit is never misused and has only recently developed this problem, there are common causes.

The Electrolux dryer e91 error code implies issues with communication, within the dryer.

This can be due to electrical wiring problems, problems with circuits, and so forth.

Either way, the Electrolux dryer e91 error code implies communication problems between parts.

Electrolux Dryer e91 Error Code – Causes


Most electrical appliances with control boards assume a few problems when power surges are at play.

If the unit in your possession suffered an electricity surge, chances are connections were crossed.

It means there is a likelihood that the Electrolux dryer e91 error code appeared through malfunction.

Seeing as this error code implies miscommunication between parts, there could be misfiring between components.

Diagnosing if this is indeed the problem is easier than you think, and the solutions are covered herein.


In the unlikely event that you moved recently, or had unscrupulous movers handle your move, the wiring might be loose.

This implies that while hauling the unit, it is likely it was not handled upright as it should have.

Perhaps the shakes were during transportation, or while offloading and loading.

Either way, if wires are loose, there is a likelihood of the Electrolux dryer e91 error code appearing.

It means signals are not being received as they should, and the dryer needs to be diagnosed fully.


We are referring to wires touching the frame, and not any other form of touching.

When wires become frayed, they can touch the frame of the drum or unit in general.

This is a form of short-circuit if you will.

When this happens, the machine will warn you of impending danger.

As bare wires touch other parts of the machine, there will be misfiring and electrical surges.

This could be a reason why the control board is receiving troubling messages.

Ways to fix this mess are listed below, and would likely require the help of professionals.

Component failure

The other underlying reason for this e91 error code popping up is a failed part.

If a particular component is malfunctioning, there will be no communication.

The trouble is in finding out which component, in particular, is malfunctioning.

Ideally, whichever component it might be, one needs to have it checked and replaced before attempting to operate the dryer again.

Control Board

If the control board becomes faulty, everything goes into disarray.

In this case, the Electrolux e91 error code implies mixed signals coming from the control board.

It further means that whatever signals are being sent from the control board to the rest of the unit, are incorrect.

This is where the configuration and communication problems arise.

Diagnosing the control board and the main PCB is nothing easy.

It requires seeking help from problems to be sure it is indeed the problem.

Electrolux Dryer e91 Error Code – Fixes

Reset your Electrolux Dryer

This code may simply be due to power surges as mentioned above.

Resetting the unit only takes a few minutes, and the dryer can restart.

Simply unplug your dryer and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Reconnect it to the power source and try running another drying cycle.

This time, all settings and codes should be cleared.

If the problem persists, try resetting it again.

Only attempt these resets once, or twice.

Unplugging and reconnecting the machine severally might cause further damage to the unit.

Insulate wires

Open up the front and side panels to reveal wiring and components within the drum.

Once you have everything laid out, check all wiring for any bare pieces, broken harnesses, or slightly worn wires.

Any broken wires should be replaced and bare wires sealed.

These could be causing slight short circuits within the drum.

Seal and insulate all wires and use new wiring harnesses if possible.

Replace all panels accordingly and only restart the dryer with proper wiring in place.

This should solve the Electrolux e91 error code issue.

Control Board

After diagnosing that the control board is indeed the problem, you will need to replace it.

Luckily enough, replacing one isn’t that much of a hassle.

All you need is to source the right part, to begin with.

Source OEM parts from credible online, and offline sources, to avoid short-term fixes.

It means you should find a professional technician to guide you on which part to order, from where, and at what price.

Because a control board is the heart of the dryer, sourcing the wrong one could damage the dryer completely.

Replace/Repair Components

Incidentally, the Electrolux e91 error code could be a result of a malfunctioning component.

The trick is finding out which component is not communicating well with the control board, or other parts.

Once a technician identifies the faulty component, it is important to replace it accordingly.

Immediacy is important to avoid using the machine with faulty parts, or sourcing cheaper ones to save money.

Always buy genuine parts from the brand supplier, or find renowned agents with genuine products.

Clean Rust

A dryer works with water and heat to sort out laundry chores.

This water inevitably leads to rusting in some areas.

Cleaning out rust and corrosion eliminates any wires that might be stuck somewhere.

It also makes it easier to spot areas with leakage that could be a cause for concern moving forward.

Once you clean out rust, you can reinstall wires and pinpoint if new harnesses are needed.

Circuit boards need to be examined for such factors.

These are easy enough problematic areas to spot and clean.


The unit is likely to have these errors popping up due to control board issues.

You will need a multimeter to check voltages along the internal wiring, circuit boards, and main control board.

This might be trickier if you are not well-versed with ohms and voltages.

However, there is a tech sheet in most washers and dryers that one can use as a guide to ohm readings.

This tech sheet will offer you a glance at where the problem lies.

However, these tests are meant to be carried out with the power disconnected.

If you cannot accomplish this task safely, or it seems overwhelming, seek help or professionals.

Bottom Line

Take the time to understand the Electrolux dryer and all its codes to avoid unnecessary servicing costs.

Most Electrolux dryers don’t need you to be savvy to operate or fix them.

However, it is crucial to note that errors like the ones herein are to be tackled with caution.

Any problem centering on electrical problems, particularly wiring issues, should be tackled with care.

Additionally, it is important to take note of moving suggestions like keeping the dryer upright at all times.

Shaking during moves should be avoided too, as it messes with wiring harnesses.

Other parts like control boards can become loose with rough haulage and relocation.








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