Kenmore Elite Dryer CE Error Code -Fix Miscommunication Error!

Kenmore Elite Dryer CE Error Code
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Owning a dryer reduces laundry chores significantly, as it should.

When these units develop problems, it is normally associated with overuse or aging if you will.

Most Kenmore washers or dryers have new-age diagnostics systems that help in identifying problems precisely.

When a unit is faulty, codes appear which makes it easier to follow through with service.

As far as the Kenmore elite dryer Ce code goes, this is linked to problems between the central control unit and the display board, or panel.

The causes of this error code appearing are many, but most center around electrical disturbances.

However, these problems and the solutions therein are not hard to fix.

Kenmore Elite Dryer Ce Code – Causes

Power interruptions

When your electricity supply is unstable, the chances of this error code appearing are high.

It means power surges can cause the control board to display errors based on miscommunication.

When the electricity is too high, or too low, the control board likely sends mixed signals to the display panel.

This is common on many washers and dryers too.

While it may not happen often in areas with stable electricity connections, it is not uncommon in areas with extreme weather conditions.


Some owners claim to have checked their thermistors when this error code appeared.

When power is intermittent, or power surges are at play, the thermistor might blow out.

This needs to be tested first to ensure it is indeed the problem to avoid unnecessary removals.

The thermistor might not be easily accessible for the novice either.

Thus, it is recommended that a professional is sought to diagnose the problem.

The thermal sensor is not expensive either, and once you diagnose it is indeed the problem, it takes a few minutes to replace.

Control Board

Once smaller checks like the thermal sensor check out you might have a problem with the control board.

This is normally the cause of the Kenmore elite dryer Ce code popping up.

It requires adequate and professional testing to verify it is indeed the problem.

The control board sends messages to be displayed on the display panel.

The Kenmore dryer CE code likely appeared because of a lack of proper communication between the two.

Professionals can help you figure out if the part needs replacing, and which online, or local store, to source the part from.


This could be part of the problem too.

If the vents are clogged and exhausts are having issues with ventilation, heat buildup becomes a problem.

This is not good for hardware and wiring at all.

This could be one reason why the Kenmore elite dryer Ce code is displayed on the panel.

If lint buildup seems to have reached maximum levels, it is time to remove the lint trap and examine the vents too.

Interface issues

With time knobs, switches and buttons wear out and communication is a problem.

The switches and buttons might cause a Kenmore elite dryer CE error code to appear.

This is because as you push buttons or commands, the opposite commands might be received.

Alternatively, you may not be initiating anything even as you press these buttons.

Nonetheless, whether the central control unit is the culprit or the interface is the problem, it is important to source credible technicians to fix the problem.

Kenmore Elite Dryer CE Code – Fixes

Thermal Fuses

Replace thermal fuses if indeed power interruptions are causing the error codes.

This can be accessed after removing the side and front panels.

While thermal fuses are not the hardest to replace, sourcing the right ones is important.

It will help you ensure that moving forward; you have less damage due to faulty parts and the same power surges.

Thermal fuses are unlike regular fuses in amperes and installation.

Be sure to consult the user manual normally located at the bottom of the unit.

It offers a valuable guide into the ins and outs of your unit.


If the Kenmore elite dryer CE code appears to have popped from nowhere, begin by unplugging your unit.

Let the dryer idle for a few minutes and then proceed to plug it back into the power source.

This should bring the dryer back to default settings.

Once all programs have been removed, you can start a new cycle.

If the error code reappears, try the following fixes with the help of an accredited agent.

Thermal Sensor

Replacing the thermal sensor should occur after testing the thermal fuse, resetting the unit, and verifying the thermal switch is okay.

This part costs around $10 to $20 on average.

It also requires removing the rear panel of the Kenmore elite dryer.

The entire process should take approximately twenty minutes.

However, this duration could be based more on a professional’s approach, rather than a DIY project.

Finding a local experienced technician should cut down on servicing time.

It will also eliminate any further and unnecessary replacements of thermal sensors because you’ll have sourced OEM parts.


Replacing the central control unit is no walk in the park.

After a professional technician diagnoses that it is indeed the problem, sourcing the part should be carried out on credible online sources.

If you prefer a local agent or store to source your parts, always have the part number handy.

It will cut down the shopping time and ensure you get the right part.

Nothing is more infuriating than opening up an entire dryer and replacing parts only to find you bought the wrong part.


If your control interface or display panel is faulty, replacing it is in order.

It is almost impossible to fix faulty buttons, switches, or knobs on a user interface.

If the buttons are indeed the problem, you can only buy a new interface or source an entire dryer.

The user interface only works with what it receives, and faulty buttons equal false signals and faulty communication.

It is possible to find used dryers with perfectly working interfaces, meaning you’d be sourcing second-hand parts.

It is well-advised to visit credible on and offline stores to find new, OEM parts.


Seeing as this has been identified as a potential cause in some homes, it is important to de-clog your unit.

Begin with the exhaust vents and vacuum all dust and debris therein.

Afterward, clean out the lint trap which gets an adequate amount of lint over time, especially in a dryer.

The safest approach is to clean it out while it is turned off and completely unplugged.

Cleaning out the unit also allows it to perform optimally.

Bottom Line

Kenmore dryers are meant to ease the laundry process and with proper maintenance, your dryer will provide that.

Proper use and maintenance of your unit determine the longevity of your dryer too.

Be sure to perform regular maintenance and service to avoid unnecessary repairs.

It is also extremely important to focus on sourcing genuine parts only.

Diagnostics and replacements should be carried out professionally unless one is used to DIY projects of this stature.

It is one thing to remove the lint trap and quite another to replace a central control unit.

Maintain professionalism to avoid unnecessary repairs moving forward.




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