How to Fix Kenmore Elite Dryer Won’t Start Just Beeps?

Kenmore Elite Dryer Won't Start Just Beeps?
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Owning a dryer can be a life and time-saving experience.

This is because a Kenmore elite dryer for instance shortens laundry times.

It makes life easier and provides added time for family and other chores.

This easy life can come to a standstill if the machine is poorly maintained.

Also, certain instances can make it expensive to own Kenmore elite dryers, if improper servicing is done.

When a Kenmore elite dryer won’t start just beeps, it can be due to the following circumstances.

The control board might be the least likely cause, with thermistors and other fuses being the main culprits.

These all-warrant checks by professional technicians to avoid unscrupulous work and further damage.

Kenmore Elite Dryer Won’t Start Just Beeps? – Reasons

Thermal Fuse

This prevents the dryer from overheating and possibly causing extensive damage to your Unit.

If the Kenmore dryer won’t start just beeping, it might be an issue of electrical overload.

When the machine has been in use severally, perhaps done several loads concurrently, beeping might occur.

It is meant as a safety precaution to prevent power overload.

Testing the thermal fuse requires a multimeter to determine if it is indeed blown.

A thermal fuse cannot be repaired and would need alternatives if it is deemed to be the problem.

Door Switch

All dryers have safety features linked to the door and loads.

The door switch prevents any cycle from running without the door is fully closed.

If the door switch senses that the door isn’t fully latched, it will produce several beeps.

Also, there could be an issue with the door switch itself.

Aside from you not having locked the door completely, the switch itself could be defective.

It means the control board senses that the door is ajar when it is not.

If the door switch doesn’t make a clicking sound after a few seconds of closure, it is defective.

Drive motor

This turns your drum in a clockwise direction soon as a program is initiated.

If the motor is defective, the chances of the dryer operating are slim, to none.

If the drive motor is malfunctioning, the control board will sense this and there will be warning beeps.

Even if the program is initiated, the door is locked and the display panel is active, the drum won’t spin.

Checking the drive motor for proper connectivity and continuity is a job for professionals.

Be sure to source local accredited agents to do the job.


If belts are worn out, broken, or improperly connected, the dryer won’t start up.

This can happen due to improper handling of the unit, or shoddy work done in the past.

If previous technicians fixed other components and weren’t mindful of the belts, they could be loose.

Loose or broken belts don’t’ drive pulleys.

It means the drum won’t turn and it is likely the cause of the beeping or humming sounds.

However, if the belt is fine and not cracked or broken, it is time to examine other parts of the machine.

Power Surges

It is very unlikely that the Kenmore dryer won’t start just beeps due of a power surge.

If this is the case, it means the control board is receiving the wrong signals from the control panel.

Determining if this could be the problem requires checking fuses and circuit breakers first.

However, the fastest way to determine if power was indeed the problem is listed below.

Power surges are responsible for many electrical problems in such units, and can lead to extensive damage if not handled professionally.

Kenmore Elite Dryer Won’t Start Just Beeps? – Fixes

Check the Fuse

Opening up the back panel and removing it reveals the thermal fuse and other connections.

Using a multimeter, connect the two wires to the terminals on the thermal fuse.

You can set the multimeter to ohms or continuity.

If the reading that appears shows no power flowing to the fuse, then the fuse is the problem.

Be sure to source the fuse from accredited suppliers.

Thermal fuses cannot be repaired and can only be replaced.

Door latch

Check the door latch sensor and its connections to ensure they are working optimally.

For the Kenmore elite dryer, simply remove the top panel to access the connections.

The latch sensor is located at the front of the dryer, closer to the top.

Remove the connections and set the multimeter to continuity.

If the multimeter makes a beeping sound when you press the door latch switch, then the switch is functioning.

If there is no sound, you need to replace the door switch.

Drive motor

This needs advanced examination and should be a simple DIY task.

It requires removing the rear panel to access the motor at the bottom.

Checking if the motor is defective cannot be done with a simple observation.

One needs to check the wiring to see if there is continuity and observe if there is any movement once it is plugged into the power source.

The belts might be loose, or the blower wheel is compromised.

If all these components are working perfectly, it is time to replace your drive motor.

But do not guess. Ensure that a professional has indeed verified that the motor is defective.

Push Start Switch

If this is defective, likely, your dryer won’t start at all.

Chances are that you programmed everything well, but the machine hasn’t received the go-ahead to begin the program.

If the switch is defective, one needs to open up the top panel to access this part.

Once the switch is accessible, connect the multimeter to the leads on the switch.

If the multimeter is set to continuity, you should hear it beep.

This beeping signifies that the switch is functioning properly.

It further means that the Kenmore elite dryer won’t start just beeps for other reasons.


Power surges cause a lot of headaches in dryers and washers alike.

If there had been a power surge that you are unaware of, simply unplug the unit and let it idle.

Letting it sit for a while allows it to reset.

This removes all previous programs and lets you start afresh.

If the dryer begins are cycle with no issues again, it was likely just an issue of power surges.

If the beeping continues even after a reset, you need to handle the matter using the steps listed above.

Bottom Line

Beeping from a dryer should not be taken lightly as it could mean extensive damage within a unit.

However, with the dryer simply beeping and no main components defective, you might simply need to replace a thermal fuse and move on.

Always seek help from professionals if you are not tech-savvy.




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