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Vitamix Error Codes – The Complete Guide

Vitamix Error Codes
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 Home appliances make for easier chores, faster cooking, and indeed healthier living.

With the Vitamix blender, you get to create cocktails and healthy juices for the entire family.

Time, servicing, and maintenance determine the lifespan of your appliance.

When the Vitamix blender reveals error codes, there is usually no cause for concern.

The Vitamix error codes displayed are meant to signify issues with overheating, and perhaps a defective component.

Some error codes are generic, in that they simply hint at something being wrong.

The solutions for these generic codes and other major issues included can be attempted as DIY tasks. They may not necessarily require expert consultation or fixing.

Vitamix Error Codes – Lights Flashing – Meaning  

When the Vitamix error codes appear, they signify specific problems with your blender.

However, types of error codes vary depending on the model.

Not all Vitamix blenders are created equal.

For instance, a blender might display a variety of blinking lights.

These lights blink in different numbers, perhaps two at a time, or more.

Here are examples of Vitamix error codes and their meaning.

5 Flashing LEDs

This implies that the rotor is locked or stuck.

It normally happens when there is excessive food lodged between the blades.

Usually, fruits and other hard stuff are blended to be eaten easily.

This leads to too much food or more than the blades can handle.

It is one reason for the Vitamix error codes to appear, in this case in the form of blinking lights, not numbers.

The solution is quite simple.

If food get lodged around the blending blade or in the blade guard, you need to release the trigger switch.

Then unplug the power cord and take away the blending shaft from the motor body.

You can use a spatula to dislodge the food.

But safety is always a priority, so do not use fingers as blending blade is sharp.

4 Flashing LEDs

When four flashing LEDs appear, it means the rotor is experiencing extreme temperatures.

This happens when the blender has been used severally, or continuously in a short period.

It is a safety precaution because continued use could lead to blown circuits or circuit breakers.

To get rid of this issue, you should unplug the blender and allow to cool for 30 minutes.

The solutions to clearing this error code are listed below in detail..

3 Flashing LEDs

This signifies a problem with the motor, per se.

It means the component is now faulty and one needs to contact customer service immediately.

Opening it as a DIY task may not be a wise idea.

Unless you are equipped to examine and diagnose electrical components, you might cause further damage to your unit.

2 Flashing LEDs

You have reached the maximum operating time.

If this Vitamix error code appears, chances are you’ve been pressing the run button too long.

If the button remained pressed without release, the unit might be overheating.

The solution to a maximum running time reached is listed below.

Vitamix Error Codes – Numerical Error Codes

Digital units exhibit error codes listed with a letter and sometimes with a number afterward.

These error codes are more common with newer and more advanced Vitamix blenders.

As the models vary greatly, here are a few error codes most commonly associated and experienced with Vitamix owners.

E1 or E2 Vitamix Codes

These codes signify something is wrong with the blender, albeit nothing that can be explained.

It means the problem might be a general power surge or miscommunication error.

The E1 and E2 codes simply mean that a reset might be in order.

However, it is best to have a technician look into it to determine precisely where the problem lies.

E3 Vitamix Error codes

This code is different from the aforementioned.

It implies something associated with heat.

If the E3 error code appears, the appliance might be overheating.

It is a normal occurrence for a blender to overheat especially when you hold parties and cocktails need to flow.

Essentially, this occurs when you blend food for longer periods at low speeds.

The machine is bound to overheat.

E3 2.2

The above error code might appear in addition to the E3 code above.

It simply means that a thermal cutout has occurred, and the machine needs to reset.

This is because the unit has overheated and needs to idle for a while.

The E3 2.2 error code might not appear in all Vitamix blenders as there are variants to the models.

E17 or E18 Vitamix error codes

The cause of these error codes seems to be linked to the base of the container or jug.

If the base of this container is improperly set, meaning it is not sitting as it should, this error code will appear.

It means if it were to begin blending at this point, it might fly off the motor spilling food everywhere.

If the base cannot sense the jug, this error code appears.

It might also appear along with a 227 error code, signifying the same jug placement issue.

Vitamix Error Codes – Solutions

Reset the Unit

Turn the start or operating button off and let the unit sit for a while.

This should allow it to reset and possibly stop the motor from overheating.

It is best to let it idle overnight. There are several reasons for this.

One is that the unit won’t be touched or used accidentally as would the case during the day.

The second reason is it gives it more time to cool down, which is unlikely to happen if thirsty guests are waiting.

Resetting the Vitamix blender allows you to observe for other areas that might be causing the problem.

If the Vitamix error codes appear even after resetting, consult your handy local technician.

Replace the fuse

If the above errors have appeared, especially the E31 code, you might need to replace the thermal fuse.

A technician will help you check for continuity between the fuse and connectors.

If there is continuity, the fuse is not blown.

If there is no continuity, you will need to replace the thermal fuse.

A thermal fuse normally needs to be replaced with a new one; there is little or no chance of repairing one.

Switch speeds

Most of the Vitamix error codes are due to overheating problems.

Thus, you should focus on operating the unit for longer hours to reduce overworking the blender.

If the blender works longer at lower speeds it can overheat.

If it works for short periods at bursting speeds and power, it can overheat too.

Thus, there needs to be moderation otherwise blown fuses and circuits will become the norm.

Adjust base

If the base is not detected, as mentioned above, there will be an error code.

Thus, you need to ensure that the base meets the jug properly as it should.

Additionally, new-age Vitamix blenders will have a magnet between the top and the jug.

This sends signals that indeed the jug is covered properly.

It reduces the chances of food spilling over the jug.

With the jug firmly in place and the top secured, the E17 or E18 error codes should disappear.

If they recur, you might have issues with connectivity between the base and the jug itself.

This requires customer service to handle replacing specific parts, especially if the unit is under warranty.


Other Vitamix error codes, particularly with flashing LEDs, involve excess food between blenders.

Completely turn off the blender and clean out the blades and blending shaft.

This can be cleaned out using any kitchen spatula or such utensil.

This should unlock the rotor and set it in motion again.

If the above steps don’t offer valuable solutions, chances are the motor might be faulty.

This requires contacting customer service and seeking help from accredited suppliers and agents.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Vitamix error codes are meant to mostly prevent overheating and blowing out your unit.

When error codes appear, there is less chance that components are faulty.

However, the motor could be the culprit especially if the blender has seen a few years.

Always consult professional electricians when in doubt, and when you need to source genuine replacement parts.




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