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Gourmia GFS-900 Food And Meat Slicer Review

Gaurmia GFS-900 Meat Slicer
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If you want deli-thin slices without wasting time and money, then meat slicer is a right appliance that you need. It is the best kitchen helper, whether you preparing food for a large family or hosting parties frequently. It can slice food consistent and thin like professional quality. You have to spend hours to slice food in large quantity whereas meat slicer enables you to slice a large amount of food in just a few minutes.

If you are tired of wasting money on pre-sliced meat, Gourmia GFS-900 electric food and meat slicer is one of the best slicers that helps you to slice meat or food quickly and easily at home. It is a multipurpose slicer which eases your food prep and made it effortless.

Features Of Gourmia GFS-900 Food And Meat Slicer

You need to check out the features when buying a meat slicer. Following are some important features of Gourmia-900 meat slicer.

  1. Removable 9” stainless steel blade

The meat slicer is equipped with 9’’ exemplary stainless steel blade. When you unbox the slicer, you will see the blade comes with the safety protector that ensures hand protection against the blade.

This super cutting blade ensures excellent performance. It can cut from delicate cheese to smoked meat easily with this blade. It is removable so as it eases cleaning.

  1. Steel and die-cast aluminum housing

The Gourmia GFS-900 meat slicer featured with rugged and durable design as it made with prime coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing.

  1. Large food carriage

It is fixed with large capacity food carriage that holds large amounts of food at one go. This food carriage slides easily that aids for consistent cut quickly and efficiently. It ensures speed, ease, efficiency, and consistency.

  1. Thickness control knob

It comes with built-in thickness control knob. This helps to adjust slice thickness from deli-thin to ¾’’ thick slices. It enables you for better control over slicing.

  1. Anti-slip rubber feet

It has suction cups at feet that help you for stability while operating a slicer. So it will not wobble during the slicing process.

Watch out the following video that shows closure look of features and functionality of the Gourmia GFS-900 meat slicer. Take a look.

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Following are some positives of the Gourmia GFS-900 meat slicer.

  1. Powerful motor

The Gourmia GFS 900 is fixed with 180W directed powerful but quiet motor. It is powerful enough to slice frozen food efficiently and consistently.

  1. Compact design

Most of the slicer comes with huge design, needs a lot of space to store. But Gourmia GFS-900 meat slicer comes with the compact design. Due to small footprint, you can easily store it in your kitchen. It does not require a lot of space to store.

  1. Versatility

It is versatile appliance as this is not limited to slice only meats and cheeses. You can slice vegetables, fruits, bread, roasts with this device. It is designed to slice food in various sizes and shapes.

  1. Easy clean-up

Clean up is a tedious task for most of the folks while dealing with the meat slicer. It refrains you from using it again and again. But Gourmia solved this problem as they designed slicer which makes cleaning breeze. This slicer is easily accessible to clean it effortlessly.

  1. Affordable

If you are a newbie for slicing and don’t want to spend more on food slicer, then this Gourmia GFS-900 is one of the best slicers. You will enjoy slicing without breaking the bank as it comes in affordable price range i.e less than $100.

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How To Use Gourmia GFS-900 Food And Meat Slicer?

You can use this slicer for slicing food or meat by following easy steps.

  1. Place the slicer on a dry and flat surface.
  2. Apply downward pressure onto the slicer that aids suction feet for good grip.
  3. Make sure that blade is fixed and engaged precisely. The on/off switch and thickness knob is set to 0.
  4. Drag the food guide backward, so that it can slide properly.
  5. Place the food that you want to be sliced on the platform. Set the food holder onto the food guide handle. Adjust in such a way that it holds the food firmly.
  6. Keep the collection tray behind the blade to hold the slices of the food.
  7. Set the thickness control knob as per slice thickness you want.
  8. Connect the power plug to the electrical outlet. The blade will start operating when you set the on/off button to on position.
  9. After slicing job is done, clean the appliance thoroughly and store it in clean, cool and dry place.


  1. Keep the device out of reach of children to avoid misuse or any injury.
  2. You can use this slicer only for short term operation, i.e for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, let the appliance be cool for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, it will overload.
  3. Do not slice hardly frozen food, meat with bones, food having large seeds.
  4. Do not place any part of slicer in a dishwasher as they are not dishwasher safe.


  1. Slow speed

The blades of the slicer move slowly while operating. It is a good choice for home use only. It is not made for bulk processing. If you are looking for commercial grade slicer, it is not apt for it.

  1. Critical parts made of plastic

Some critical parts of the slicer made of plastic. There is the possibility of breakage of plastic. Due to plastic parts, it seems less durable.

  1. Difficulty in slicing fully frozen meat

It slices bread competently as it comes with a serrated blade. This slicer is unable to cut fully frozen meat. But it can slice efficiently partially frozen meat. So if you want to slice raw meat, freeze it partially.

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Where To Buy Gourmia GFS-900 Meat Slicer?

You may buy Gourmia GFS-900 meat slicer on selected nations. This Slicer also you get it online for quick and trouble-free purchase. You can buy it on from websites like at a discounted price.

 Our Verdict

The Gourmia GFS-900 food and meat slicer is the inexpensive entry-level slicer. It is not designed for commercial use but it does an excellent job for casual use.

We like the compact size and easy to clean design of this Gourmia meat slicer. The optimization features offered at this price, great value for the money.

It is a great buy for deli meat lovers. If you are going to deal with meat slicer at the first time, this is an excellent slicer in terms of ease of use. Do not hesitate to buy this inexpensive slicer. Even it is a low-priced product, the quality is good and you will not regret your purchase. We will definitely recommend this product due to a great price, size, and ease of use and clean.


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