Why is Ninja Blender Pitcher Stuck in Base? 5 Different Solutions!

Ninja blender pitcher stuck in base
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Ninja blenders have become increasingly popular lately for several reasons, starting with their stellar juicing performance, and long service life.

Further, these multifaceted blenders are fitted with top notch, sharp blades that can blend, puree, and chop without any hiccups.

However, one of the common issues is Ninja blender pitcher getting stuck in base.

And if you find yourself struggling to take the two apart — pitcher and base, here’s why your Ninja blender pitcher is stuck in base, and how to fix it easily.

Why is My Ninja Blender Pitcher Stuck in Base?

Ninja blenders contain several different parts including the blades, jar, jar base and housing.

The jar of your Ninja blender sits snugly over the base, which houses the motor.

First, and most common reason you’re facing the Ninja blender pitcher stuck at base issue is the notch that locks into the base is stuck.

Speaking of jams, another reason the grinder is jammed at the base is due a leaking seal of the bearing.

Over time, the salty water and juices from the foods you blend tend to seep through into the bearings, resulting in corrosion and jar jam.

The blade assembly of your Ninja blender does all the work in the blending process, and can attract food and gummy stuff during the process.

This stubborn food can cause the blade assembly to get stuck to the bottom of the jar, so you will have to use a bit of elbow grease to get the two apart.

Apart from food getting stuck in the blade assembly, the gear seal of the blade assembly may also be damaged, which can cause the jar to get stuck to the blade assembly.

Similar to the blender blade assembly, food items can also get stuck to the base of the jar, particularly the seal located at bottom.

If left unattended over time, it can make the jar screw on extra tight to the base, making it tough to pull apart.

Just like screws, you have to turn a Ninja blender jar in a certain direction to remove it from the base.

If you are turning it the wrong way, then great chances are that it is not going to come off easily.

How do You Fix Ninja Blender Pitcher Stuck in Base?

If your Ninja blender jar is stuck to base, then in most cases there are several ways to fix the issue.

Unscrew the Blender Bottom Properly

First things first — check to see that you are unscrewing the blender jar in the direction recommended by the manufacturer, which in most cases is clockwise.

It is important that you get a good grip on the jar with dry hands to avoid slippage, which can cause damage to the blender, and in worse cases injury to you.

Use Dishwasher Liquid to Remove Ninja Blender Pitcher from Base

If your pitcher is stuck firmly at the base, and will not come undone even after trying to open it in the right direction as mentioned earlier, then you will have to use a lubricant such as regular dishwashing liquid.

Before you do so however, it is extremely important that you first unplug the blender from the electric outlet.

2.1. Regardless of the brand of dishwashing liquid you are using to lubricate the unit, you will have to dilute the dishwashing liquid with water.

2.2. Open the top lid of the Ninja blender pitcher, and pour the diluted dishwashing liquid into it.

2.3. Plug in the blender into the electric outlet, turn it on, and press the pulse button for a few seconds to agitate the dishwashing liquid.

Most Ninja blender models including the top of the line Ninja Professional come with a pulse function at the front.

2.4. Now turn the blender off, and allow the liquid to sit for at least a couple of hours, after which the pitcher should come off easily from the base.

Run the Blender Under Hot Water

Heating up the blender jar can help release it from the base.

3.1. To do this, unplug the blender first, lift the entire unit with the power cord out of the way. and run it under hot water for roughly 35 seconds to 45 seconds.

3.2. Turn the blender base around under the running water, because you don’t know what area of the unit is causing the jam.

3.3. Lastly, dry the unit, and set it aside to dry.

3.4. Try unscrewing the pitcher, and you should be able to take the two apart.

Fix Blender Blade Assembly

After you have removed the pitcher from the base using any one or both of the aforementioned methods, unscrew the blender blade assembly, and inspect it closely for stuck food, and wear and tear of the seal.

If you notice food is stuck, then rinse the blade assembly under the sink. Wash the blade assembly with soap and water to get rid of all the stuck food, and any gooey stuff.

Ninja blender blade assembly seals are not sold separately, so you will have to buy a new one if your current one is damaged.

Good news is that Ninja blender blade assemblies are not expensive, and are integrated with the gasket rubber.

Another big benefit of buying a new Ninja blender blade assembly is that you also get fresh, super-sharp blades, so you don’t have to worry about sharpening the old blades for several months to come depending on use.

Check the Bottom Base

When you unscrew the blender pitcher from the base, and if the blade assembly is in good working order, then check the base —the component that houses the motor.

If you notice any damage to the locking mechanism or the base itself, then you will have to replace it with a new one.

Before you buy a new blender motor base, check if your manufacturer warranty is still valid, as motor repair may be covered.





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