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Vitamix Won’t Blend Frozen Fruit? Follow These 6 Hacks!

Vitamix Won’t Blend Frozen Fruit
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Vitamix is a popular brand among the high-performance blender machines that offer unparalleled blending service that can surpass overall classic blending tasks as well as be reliable against thick blending.

You can blend smoothies, almond milk, nut butter, frozen desserts, soups, crushed ice, hummus, and more very effectively.

However, sometimes you can see your Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit.

The blender needs to grind harder when blending frozen fruit and ice; it can make the motor overheat and slow down if you run it at low speed.

Since this blender is designed to run at high speed, you should start the blend at low, then increase its speed to keep the motor running cool.

There could be other various reasons such as blades not working properly, not putting enough ingredients to cover the blades, blending frozen fruit straight out without any prep.

This issues might be minor, but if you know how to avoid such issues, your blender can serve you for a long time.

Read on to solve more such blending issues with your Vitamix.

Can You Blend Frozen Fruit in a Vitamix?

Yes, of course, you can blend frozen fruit in Vitamix.

As Vitamix is one of the most powerful blenders, it pulverizes nearly anything you put into.

Vitamix is equipped with laser-cut stainless steel blades which cut through almost anything.

It can blend various types of fruits, vegetables, nuts as well as it can handle hard, frozen fruits to prepare most delicious smoothies you can imagine.

If you are a die hard fan of frozen fruit smoothies, then buy a Vitamix Blender. You just need to take care of few things while blending frozen fruits in your Vitamix blender.

Various Causes of Vitamix Not Blending Frozen Fruit

Starting from classic models to smart ones, Vitamix has many blender models that pose such issues while blending various ingredients.

Generally, you might face the issue that Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit with its Explorian and Premium Classic models as they don’t have new technology (NFC chips).

Their variable speed control can confuse you in which speed you should blend the frozen fruit, which might lead to overheating issues for the blender to stop working.

Apart from the speed issue, there might be more reasons and scenarios that can be blamed for such issues.

Let’s get to know them before finding their fixes.

Low-speed blending

Blending for a long time at a low-speed setting would get the machine to overheat and then cause the automatic overload protection to turn off the machine.

The Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit; the issue mostly happens when you are using thick blends.

Frozen fruits are already somewhat hard again when you add ice on top of it; the motor had to work extra hard in moving the ingredients repeatedly while at a low speed.

Since the machine is built for high performance, it can easily get affected with slow motions, so they don’t blend the frozen fruits appropriately.

There are various models of Vitamix available in the market if you want to counter the low-speed models within its S-series, C-series, and G-series.

There are Explorian, Premium Classic, Ascent, etc., models are available to choose from to achieve better speed.

A thick blend can overheat the motor

Just like any conventional blending machine, Vitamix can shut off when the motor is overheated to prevent burning out.

Then the machine would not turn on manually until the motor cools down.

Thus, while you are using thick blends, don’t blend more than four cups of thick blends such as ice cream, nut butter, hummus, frozen fruit, etc.

otherwise, the motor would have to bear the over-capacity of ingredients to work on.

Blades not working properly

Blades are the essential part of a blender mixture grinder.

If your Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit, the blades might be one of those reasons.

There might be something stuck among the blades for which the blades are not moving appropriately, or the blades are not sharp enough anymore.

Combining the frozen fruit ingredients in the wrong order or overfilling the blender with frozen fruits can also cause the blades to not work properly and stall the blender. All models of the Vitamix blenders are capable of self-cleaning, so you can keep the containers always clean before starting your blending to avoid such issues.

Not putting enough ingredients to cover the blades

When you are using a Vitamix blender, you would need a minimum volume of ingredients to blend properly.

If you don’t maintain that volume and the ingredients don’t cover the blades adequately, it can arise that your Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit issues.

When the ingredients are not enough to cover the blades, they won’t find much to cut through and blend them properly.

It would lead to making a lumpy smoothie out of the frozen fruits.

Blending frozen fruit straight out without any prep

As mentioned above, frozen fruit can make it hard for the motor to blend them together. Thus, you should prep the fruit first to make it easier for the blender to blend all the fruit smoothly without any left fruit lumps.

You can run the frozen fruit under hot water to melt the ice, microwave them for five minutes, or put some hot water on top of the frozen fruit plastic bag to soften them.

Fixes for Your Vitamix Won’t Blend Frozen Fruit

Here are some solutions that can fix the frozen fruit blending problem with Vitamix.

Often use the top speed

When you blend at a higher speed, it maximizes the blending machine’s motor’s cooling fan.

This helps with avoiding overheating.

When the recipe requires, you can use the blender at a lower speed, otherwise use top speed for blending frozen fruit.

When you run your blender at a top speed, the blender’s thermal protection system activates completely to keep the engine cool.

In addition to that, when you blend the frozen fruits at a top speed, it would reduce the blending time significantly.

If you want to use a blender that works according to your blending requirements, choose a Vitamix model likewise such as Explorian, Ascent series, etc., to get a high-speed performance.

Make use of tamper whenever necessarily

You might require to use a tamper when you are following a Vitamix recipe.

However, thick blends might require you to use a tamper to guide the ingredients gently into the blade, so the blending would work smoothly without overworking the Vitamix’s motor.

Moreover, you can use the tamper to get the mixture moving as well as break up the air pockets around the blade.

You can simply rotate the tamper around the four corners of the container and let the motor move your blend freely.

Blend your frozen fruit with a little bit of liquid

When you are making a frozen fruit smoothie, it would be easier to blend them with a little bit of liquid, such as some fruit juice.

You can also go for regular milk, coconut milk, and almond milk, whichever is your personal preference.

This way, there won’t be any lumps in your smoothie and solve your Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit issues effectively.

Layer your mixes correctly

Vitamix offers some recipes as a starter guide, so you know how to layer your mixes correctly.

It is always the principle that you should layer the soft ingredients first before putting in the hard ingredients.

Similarly, for your Vitamix won’t blend frozen fruit issues, it is advised that first put in the liquid parts of your blend, then make sure you have enough liquid to cover the frozen fruits.

Then you can put smaller frozen fruits along and upon that the larger frozen fruits.

Don’t overload your blender with frozen fruits

Sometimes when you need to make a large quantity of fruit blend to prepare a smoothie, maybe for the whole family, you tend to put a lot of ingredients that the mentioned amount to do finish the task early.

However, this would not shorten your time but take the blender a lot of time to smooth out the fruit lumps, and there is the possibility of the blender stops working in the middle due to a lot of pressure on the motor.

It would be a critical case, especially for frozen fruits, since they are hard to blend anyway.

Thus, try not to overfill the blender with frozen fruits and put the ingredients orderly to prevent the larger fruits from getting stuck in the blades of the blander.

Upgrade your blending machine with the appropriate model

It might be a counter-intuitive tip, but when your blender is not working properly for preparing your smoothie, you should think of changing your Vitamix blender model that could work properly for your frozen fruit blending needs, such as what are the speed ranges you need to work on, what should be the power range the machine works on, etc.

A proper blending of the frozen fruit in a smoothie would require at least 500 watts.

Although now you know some of the tricks to solve your issue with not being able to blend your frozen fruit, it’s always advising to look for the correct Vitamix model to get the optimum result.

While buying, check out the product details such as the voltage, size, features, and capacities to meet your requirements.

Which is The Best Vitamix Model for Blending Frozen Fruits?

If you are looking for a blender specifically for blending frozen fruit, then Vitamix 7500 is worth considering.

This full-size blender comes with ten different speed settings.

If you have a large family or looking for a blender for making large batches of your favorite food, then this comes with a large capacity 64-ounce main jar.

You can easily make silky smoothies, spreadable almond butter, and snow-like crushed ice in large batches.

This is a great blender for soup lovers as it can turn cold ingredients hot.

Its powerful motor, aircraft-quality blades, and wide range of possible functions make this blender the best bang for your bucks.

Related Questions

How long to blend frozen fruit?

There is no such a rule for how much time to blend frozen fruit, but make sure it is blended well.

The texture of smoothie should be silky smooth.

Nobody likes a smoothie with chunks of ice floating around it.

Can you add water to a frozen fruit smoothie?

Yes, you can add water to a frozen fruit smoothie.

When you add some water to the blender jar with the frozen fruit in the blender, it thin out the smoothie.

You can add a little extra water if a thinner consistency is desired.

Final Words

Now, you know why your Vitamix is not blending frozen fruit.

There are various reasons for occurring this issue.

You have to find out the right reason behind this so that you can fix it easily.





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